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To show up from crowd, you have to collect data on the competitors for adjusting your strategies, find out the finest practices in the industry, as well as forecast future trends — as well as amongst the finest ways of doing that is with the e-commerce web scraper.

A dominant form of collecting data, web scraping helps you to collect an extensive range of data from the websites as well as transfer to databases and spreadsheets. Though it looks hard to inexperienced, web scraping is very easy if you utilize an API (Application Programming Interface). An API automates most of the tedious work-related with manual data scraping — saving ample energy and time, which you can utilize for other jobs.‌

What is Data Scraping?


Formerly we discuss why entrepreneurs need to utilize e-commerce data scrapers, let’s understand the perception about data scraping.‌

Data scraping is the fast and efficient way of scraping as well as managing data from sites for more analysis and processing. Conventionally, data scraping was completed physically — with employees using computers for hours as well as pouring over many web pages for finding and input data in the spreadsheets.‌

Though web scraping bots have done manual web extraction outdated. By automating repetitive features about data scraping as well as data crawling, the bots will locate as well as input data from targeted sites for you. Using a few mouse clicks, you can instruct the web scraper about which data to scrape.‌

Benefits of Web Scraping


Data scraping offers many benefits to people working in an e-commerce industry:

Price Comparison and Tracking


A lot of e-commerce businesses utilize scraping to observe how competitors are pricing their products. As there are lots of e-commerce stores, doing manual research about how every competitor is pricing products might take years!

By using e-commerce pricing scrapers to find and analyze particular data categories, it’s easy to get the required data to adjust the prices as required.

Research on Customer Statistics and Preferences

To live in the competitive e-commerce industry, you have to identify the requirements and wishes of your targeted market. Utilize e-commerce data scrapers to scrape as well as analyze the array of services and products your competitors offer to find a superior idea about how to grow your business.‌

As a lot of new services and products come into the market daily, utilize e-commerce product scrapers and data scrapers to make a listing of all services and products that competitors provide. After that, you can utilize keywords for going through the listing and understand which services and products you can provide to get an edge over your e-commerce stores.‌

You may also utilize data scraping for doing predictive sentiment analysis for determining what your clients are discussing about. By extracting through different social media websites , it’s easy to collect important statistics regarding consumers’ experiences, preferences, as well as opinions on different services and products. It will assist you in boosting your business’s user experience and appeal.

Lead Generation

Scrapers also assist you in getting extra leads for the e-commerce business you have.‌

For example, you can extract social media profiles of top competitors to find out what problems they are facing when selling products to customers. Using scraped data, it’s easy to take steps for preventing these problems from cropping, helping you scrape and get more clients.‌

Moreover, you can extract popular blogs as well as news websites for finding the latest trends in the industry.

Pay attention to:

A variety of services provided

The way how descriptions are expressed

How companies are promoting the products (i.e., with particular hashtags, making shorter videos in any specific way, etc.)

Then you can create your website, products, marketing materials, as well as services show up more depending on what you’ve discovered.‌

SEO Analysis

In the end, e-commerce web scraping can offer you a benefit in the SEO analysis.‌ Extracting your competitors’ sites can offer you important SEO analysis with things like titles, Meta descriptions, keyword density, as well as what type of content offered on their websites. Targeted websites rank higher on Google therefore you can observe keywords as well as other SEO methods they utilize. That’s how you can increase your SEO contest as well as rank higher in Google.‌

Why Scraping E-Commerce Websites with APIs is the Finest Way of Getting Real E-Commerce Data?

Web scraping E-Commerce Websites

Now as you understand why e-commerce web scraping is very important, let’s understand the significance of extracting real-time information as well as why data scraping with the API is the finest way of getting real-time data

About Real-Time Data

Real-time data is the data, which you find immediately after gathering it. Not like other types of data, there are no delays in getting the data when you extract it.‌

You could identify real-time data with different types of data as it needs:

  • Inputs
  • Processing
  • Output

Examples of the real-time e-commerce data that you can have from e-commerce web scrapers comprise:

E-Commerce Purchases

Referral traffic coming from various resources (i.e., where are the visitors coming from as well as how to target visitors from different resources? Do they have some particular requirements, which you can fulfill?)

Visitor’s engagement (i.e., how long is every visitor staying on a store page of the website on average? Or how many pages do they visit on average before they leave?)‌

How Important the Real-Time Data is for E-Commerce?

In different ways, e-commerce data scraping is like perceiving the shopping floors of any brick-and-mortar store. Through analyzing data trends and customers’ behavior, you can recognize buying patterns as well as discover what will work the best for an e-commerce store.‌

Usually, there are three main areas you need to concentrate on while streaming the real-time data for an e-commerce store:

Customer’s Lifetime Value: Study what makes the customers return to your e-commerce store. Is there anything about your e-commerce store, which stands out in the competition? If so, concentrate on these points as well as personalize communications for developing long-term associations with customers.

Customer’s Acquisition: By analyzing what appeals to new customers to your e-commerce store, you can make new targeting approaches, which reduce the advertising costs as well as increase business agility.

Customer’s Loyalty and Retaining: Determine the efforts needed to get a particular client or group of clients. It will provide you with a clear idea about which marketing tactics are useful.‌

Why is an E-Commerce Data API the Finest Way of Getting Real-Time E-Commerce Data?


To find the real-time data, you have to utilize an API. This is the best as well as the only way of getting the real-time e-commerce data as types of data scraping won’t work in real-time.‌

An API is the software interface, which moves data from one software to another. So, you can utilize an API to channel data between a scraping software as well as a data analytics database to reduce the requirement for manual inputs.‌

The majority of APIs can be hard to use, especially if you’re not the coder. Luckily, there are a few e-commerce scraping tools like Actowiz E-Commerce Data API, that don’t need much coding knowledge.

Web Scraping E-Commerce Websites with Actowiz


Here’s how you can extract real-time data from different e-commerce websites using Actowiz API:

Go to Actowiz API page.

Open a web page that you wish to extract in another tab or window.

Copy the targeted web page URL.

Paste a URL in the Actowiz API.

Press the “Run” option and you will directly get complete HTML output.

After having the complete output, it’s easy to export data to the spreadsheet or analytics program for more processing

Not like many other APIs and web scrapers, Actowiz API offers you all the targeted web page’s HTML groups. This makes things easier for the scraping process as many extracting tools use a data extraction structure for various HTML elements. For example, scrapers usually only scrape the text initially.

After that, in case, you wish to scrape other elements, then you will need to manually choose other categories like JSON object, href attribute, and complete HTML.‌


To lead the market in the progressively crowded e-commerce business, it’s good to have an e-commerce data scraper. Through engaging in data scraping for e-commerce businesses, you can collect important real-time data like prices for services and products as well as customer preferences. You can also generate leads as well as engage in higher-level SEO analysis.‌

With Actowiz E-Commerce API, you will get real-time e-commerce data, which can empower a business. By doing merely a couple of clicks, you can easily collect as well as organize all the HTML data categories as well as funnel the scraped data to analytics database or software for more evaluation.

For more details, contact Actowiz now!

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