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If you want to scrape data online, many companies offer end-to-end data crawling or web scraping services for the users. These days, web crawling is extensively applied in different areas. If you want high data reliability and quality, then you will get many well-known web data scraping companies that help you get data from the World Wide Web. At times, it’s hard for the companies to scrape data online as well as aggregate it in the planned order. It all relies on the companies’ experience as well as their team’s strength. Therefore, if you want to speed up your business using quality data as well as move towards success, we have listed some top web scraping and web crawling companies that have set benchmarks in the web scraping industry. It is a list of data scraping companies that can guide you towards success with competence.

1. Actowiz Solutions

Actowiz Solutions

Actowiz Solutions is the top web scraping services provider in the USA, UK, UAE, Germany, China, Australia, and India and they solve all the complex scraping problems by leveraging different kinds of web data. This company provides a complete range of dedicated and well-managed web scraping and data crawling platforms for development teams of business enterprises and start-ups.

Actowiz Solutions delivers data, which are meaningful, within budget, on time, and extremely accurate. Despite extracting data from the web, Actowiz Solutions also implements manual and automated QA by an individual QA team to verify if the data is precise or not, to meet complete client satisfaction!

2. Promptcloud


Starting in 2009, PromptCloud has been a pioneer as well as a worldwide leader in providing Data-as-a-Service solutions. The important part of work is data scraping with cloud computing technology focused on serving enterprise obtained large-scale well-structured data online.

The company is constantly scraping data since the year 2009 as well as having a clientele, which increases across prominent geographies as well as industries. PromptCloud takes care of all end-to-end solutions — from creating and maintaining crawlers to cleaning, maintaining, as well as normalizing data quality.

3. ScrapHero


ScrapeHero has the reputation being of a well-organized enterprise-grade data scraping Service Company in the industry. The company had entered the scraping industry with a vision and objective, which has made many bigger companies depend on ScrapeHero for converting billions of pages into workable data. Their Data-as-a-Service offers high-quality data for better business results and helps in taking wise business decisions. Their data scraping platform is integrated with Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, DropBox, FTP, Microsoft Azure, and more.

4. Grepsr


Grepsr is a skillfully managed platform for offloading your regular data extraction work. We arrange, manage as well as monitor all the crawlers so that you can sleep well! Grepsr offers outstanding data extraction services. They surpassed everybody’s expectations by quickly offering lists, which are perfect for generating leads. To cope with the increasing demands of quality data, Grepsr possesses a committed team of professionals, working very hard to provide the finest services to all their customers.

5. Datahub


For more than a decade, Datahub has been making applications and tools for data. Because of their skills and ability, they have created and used quality data, carrying intense improvements in effortlessness, speed, and dependability. Datahub offers different solutions for Publishing and Deploying your information with supremacy and effortlessness. Datahub is the quickest way for organizations, individuals, and teams to publish, organize, as well as share data.

6. Octoparse


Octoparse provides completely hassle-free data scraping services and assists businesses in staying focused on the core business by taking care of different web scraping requirements and infrastructure. Being a professional data scraping company, Octoparse assists businesses in keeping alive through continuously feeding the scrapped data, which helps the businesses to make active and knowledge-based decisions. Therefore, if you want to hire any data scraping service provider, Octoparse is among the finest options available with years of involvement in web data scraping services.

7. Apify


Apify is known as the one-stop solution for data extraction, web scraping, as well as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) requirements. As we all know that web is the biggest resource of information made ever, and Apify is the software platform, which targets to help forward-looking companies by giving access to data in different forms using an API, helping users in searching as well as replacing datasets with better APIs, and scale procedures, robotize tiresome jobs, and accelerate workflows with adaptable automation software.

8. is the data scraping service or website data import from a company of a similar name, having headquarters in Saratoga. In February 2019, acquired Connnotate, one more data scraping company. Connotate is a part of now. When comes to extracting data from larger URL lists, it's precise and extremely effective. Compared to other open-source competitors, extra web scraping characteristics would be good to have.

9. Datahut


Datahut is a data scraping service, which helps companies in getting data from opponent websites without any coding. Datahut works on a ‘Data-as-a-Service’ model in which Datahut assists users in getting data in the required format. They are in this web scraping business for the past 11 years as well as have experience working on big-scale data scraping projects, which can help in navigating through challenges faced with data extraction.

10. SunTec India

SunTec India

SunTec India provides high-quality scraping services for businesses across the globe. With a team of expert and experienced data scraping specialists, the company is well-versed with the newest web scraping methodologies. As an ISO-certified company, SunTec India promises the best-in-the-class services as well as data safety. So, if you want to make service directories, make a marketing database, observe competitor prices, make a contact listing for telemarketing, or analyze your web presence, SunTec India could scrape or extract relevant data for you.


We have just seen the listing of top web scraping and data crawling companies in the USA in 2023. This will help you get precise and high-quality data for the business. Therefore, if you are confused about which web scraping company to choose, then this blog will clear all your thoughts. All the companies listed here have developed their businesses for years as well as well-equipped with the hottest technology trends.

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