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In the contemporary shopping landscape, consumers seamlessly navigate thousands of products across numerous e-commerce platforms, diligently comparing prices before settling on the most budget-friendly option. This consumer behavior has propelled retailers into a perpetual race, requiring them to execute millions of daily price changes while safeguarding potential profit margins to remain competitively priced.

The foundational step in comparing prices across websites involves identifying, classifying, and matching products. Unfortunately, the need for standardization in how products are represented on e-commerce websites adds a layer of complexity to this crucial phase.

Consider the example of competitive pricing intelligence, where retailers must grapple with the challenges of product matching amidst diverse representations on different platforms. Businesses increasingly use advanced solutions like price scraping services and e-commerce data scraping to overcome this complexity. These technologies enable efficient data collection, giving retailers the insights to position themselves in the market strategically. Embracing these tools becomes essential for staying agile and competitive in the dynamic e-commerce landscape, empowering retailers to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date pricing intelligence.

A vital requirement in the evolving e-commerce landscape is a pricing intelligence solution that swiftly and accurately matches products across various websites. Additionally, this solution should facilitate the automated and continuous tracking of competitor pricing data. This ensures not only efficient product matching but also an ongoing and automated mechanism for monitoring and adapting to the dynamic pricing strategies of competitors.

Challenges to Consider When Utilizing Existing Pricing Intelligence Solutions


Current competitive pricing intelligence solutions face notable challenges, primarily their delayed response in delivering timely insights. The existing market offerings, including internally developed systems, often rely on manual data aggregation, leading to poor product matching capabilities and operational challenges in maintenance and updates.

Web scraping solutions, another prevalent option, lack data normalization and effective product matching, making them less capable of delivering relevant, actionable insights. Their scalability is also a concern, especially during peak periods like promotional campaigns, where accommodating massive volumes of data becomes a struggle.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions, requiring manual research and data entry, pose significant issues due to their dependence on human intervention. These solutions are often expensive, slow, difficult to scale, and may compromise accuracy.

In response to these challenges, there is a growing need for advanced competitive pricing intelligence solutions that prioritize real-time insights, robust product matching capabilities, and scalability. Ecommerce data scraping and collection emerge as crucial components to empower retailers with the competitive advantage needed for strategic decision-making in the dynamic online marketplace.

In today's commonplace landscape, AI holds the solution.


Actowiz Solutions offers an innovative competitive pricing intelligence solution in the era of widespread AI utilization. Tailored to empower retailers, our solution ensures a distinct competitive advantage by delivering precise, timely, and actionable pricing insights through extensive product matching at scale. Leveraging cutting-edge price scraping services and ecommerce data scraping, we provide retailers with unparalleled access to detailed pricing information on millions of products from their competitors. Our commitment is to equip businesses with the dynamic ecommerce data collection needed to make informed decisions in the competitive market landscape. With Actowiz Solutions, stay ahead by staying informed.

1. Comprehensive Data Aggregation

At Actowiz Solutions, we excel in aggregating data from diverse web sources across intricate online environments with unparalleled consistency and accuracy. With almost a decade of industry expertise, our vast data repository is a valuable resource for training our advanced product-matching platform.

Our extensive datasets encompass data points from tens of millions of products sourced from diverse geographies and verticals within the retail sector. These datasets feature hierarchically organized information, following a retail taxonomy. Starting at the root level with details like category and subcategory and reaching the top level with comprehensive product information such as title, description, and various < attribute, value > relationships. Our robust machine learning architectures, coupled with semi-automated training data building systems and supported by a proficient QA team, enable us to annotate crucial information and develop labeled datasets using proprietary tools.

At Actowiz Solutions, our commitment to excellence in product matching, competitive pricing intelligence, and cutting-edge ecommerce data scraping and collection remains unwavering, ensuring that our clients receive the most accurate and actionable insights for strategic decision-making in the competitive retail landscape.

2. AI-Powered Product Matching

Experience advanced product matching through Actowiz Solutions' unified platform utilizing cutting-edge text and image recognition capabilities. Our system accurately identifies similar SKUs across vast e-commerce landscapes, scraping data from thousands of stores and millions of products. Leveraging ensemble deep learning architectures for NLP and Computer Vision tailored to retail challenges, we ensure precise matches. Products are classified based on features, and a normalization layer is strategically designed using various text/image attributes.


Our semantics layer, a pivotal component of the product matching process, stands out for its robust capabilities. Text data processing involves utilizing internal, deep, pre-trained word embeddings. We employ cutting-edge word representation techniques like ELMO, BERT, and Transformer, ensuring precise contextualized text analysis. The self-attention mechanism enhances correlation learning between words in the description.

For image data processing, we initiate object detection to identify the product's region of interest. Leveraging deep learning architectures (VggNet, Inception-V3, ResNet), trained with millions of labeled images, we apply techniques like background removal and image quality enhancement. We extract unique image signatures through deep learning and machine learning-based algorithms, enabling precise product identification across billions of indexed products.

Ultimately, we seamlessly distribute billions of images across numerous stores, ensuring swift access. Our image matching engine enables lightning-fast searches on a massive scale, delivering results in milliseconds without compromising accuracy in the slightest.

3. Human Intelligence Integration

When machine-driven confidence scores are low, our Quality Assurance (QA) team steps in to validate the results. This team undertakes three crucial tasks:

  • Investigating reasons for low confidence scores.
  • Confirming accurate product matches.
  • Devising rules to incorporate newfound knowledge back into the algorithm.

This iterative feedback loop, refined over 8 years, enhances performance. Our unique process ensures rapid, high-accuracy product matching at an extensive scale, typically exceeding 95%.

4. Deriving Actionable Insights through Data Visualization

Upon completing the matching process, prices are aggregated at any desired frequency, empowering retailers to optimize their pricing strategies continually. Our SaaS-based web portal, featuring dashboards, reports, and visualizations, allows retailers to consume valuable pricing insights.

Alternatively, integration with internal analytics platforms is achievable through APIs, or we can generate and deliver regular spreadsheet reports catering to our customer's preferences.


Our solution offers numerous benefits. The timely generation of detailed insights about price improvement opportunities empowers retailers to enhance their competitive positioning across categories, product types, and brands. It influences price perception among consumers, maximizing revenue through large-scale price optimization over the long term.

Our solution also facilitates process and operational optimizations, enabling retailers to adopt a data-driven approach to pricing. This enhances overall retail operations intelligently.

The effectiveness of this system hinges on a reliable, cost-effective, and time-efficient product-matching process. Connect with us now to delve deeper into Actowiz Solutions' proprietary product matching platform and its advantages for eCommerce businesses! Contact us for all your mobile app scraping, instant data scraper and web scraping service requirements.


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