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Influencer marketing is a well-known concept to everybody now. In the retail business in the US, 67% of retailers use influencer marketing! It is a wonderful way of lifting brand awareness using word-of-mouth advertising. However, a tricky part is how to get the right channel or person to promote your brand.

If you use Google to search for the most prominent social media influencers, you are pushing against the wall! Many businesses don’t get the budget to buy exclusive tools, including data integration. Instead, it would help to begin with your audience and then spread the connections. For instance, getting commenters’ data and contacting them with the news is an excellent way to find influencers. The finest way of getting those influencers is using web scraping to scrape influencers' data from the audience. Though many low-priced alternatives are available to collect essential data, one is a web data scraper.

Web Scraping – The Concept

Web scraping is a method of automating the data extraction process. It comprises parsing the website and collecting data snippets per your needs. We will show how to utilize a web data scraping tool and make the data accessible to do digital marketing. No programming skills are needed to do web scraping. The tool we have used is the Actowiz web scraper, and we will show why it gives incredible value to marketing professionals.

Find “Evangelists”

As per Joshua, a comment is a place you can leverage for extending our marketing strategies. We don’t say we give comments and tap hands for commenters. When the user name of commenters becomes clickable, it becomes possible to associate with them by scraping the profile data. When we get a newer content piece, we contact these people. That’s how we convert commenters to evangelists. Also, you can be a bit more creative by increasing this technique and making an evangelist’s pool for further making marketing procedures.

Twitter Evangelists


Thoughtlessly sending messages begging for tweets doesn’t work. A fantastic start will be to utilize the audience pool. The notion is to:

Scrape Twitter mentions with newer followers to the spreadsheet with

Extract the total followers, descriptions, and contact data of the people.

Contact people. (ensure that you write a well-pitched letter to every person)

To begin, you must connect with a couple of IFTTT Recipes using your Google Drive and Twitter. Set upon those recipes, Trail New Followers in the Spreadsheet, and Get mentions in the Twitter username for a spreadsheet in the IFTTT account.

The recipes do what the names specified. They gather user IDs and people’s links that either followed or mentioned you and provide data in the spreadsheets.

We have to get an influencer that might drive traffic toward your website. To do that, we have to extract the following:

  • Bios
  • Total followers
  • Twitter ID
  • Websites

You can do these using Actowiz data scraper


Initially, just set a new job by importing collected URLs.

Secondly, Actowiz will produce a loop listing URL when importing a URL list. Choose desired elements only by clicking on the details within an in-built browser. Click on “followers” and select “extract text of chosen elements from the action tip.” You would see the scraped data come in a data field.

Thirdly, repeat the steps to find their websites, bios, and Twitter IDs.

In the last, run a task.

You need to have a sheet like that. You would see every person or follower who mentions you with their data.

After that, export data to the spreadsheet. You separate people that are not competent based on background and follower numbers.

YouTube Influencers

YouTube influencer marketing is an entirely new black. This is a beautiful way to increase conversions and brand awareness using word- of-mouth. So, influencers are growing. Getting the right influencers is critical to any successful marketing campaign.

“61% of the marketers agree that it’s hard to get the finest influencers for campaigns, suggesting that problem is far from determined.”

Here are metrics that you have to pay attention to:

  • Quality Content - Do they offer value to the audiences? Do they provide any views?
  • Who is your audience? Are they associated with the targets?
  • What is the engagement rate: total likes, followers, and comments?

The Actowiz data scraping template is a pre-formatted module. All you need to do is enter the keywords or targeted website. This helps you scrape data without any configurations.

Initially, open the Actowiz data scraper and select “Task Template.”


After that, select “Social Media” on a category bar. You would find a “YouTube” icon.

Thirdly, click on a YouTube icon. You would see which data a template can achieve, and you could look at the sample output also. If it is something that you are involved in, you have to enter keywords at a parameter. In this situation, “car review.”


Fourthly, click on “use template” and choose a way you would love to run a task (either using on-premises, on clouds, or setting schedules)

You can get the table like that:


So far, we still have to know the total subscribers on every channel. To do that, copy the URL listing of YouTube Channels. Make a new web scraping job, and paste a list to a parameter box:


Firstly, open the Actowiz data scraper and set a task just by entering a URL list using Advanced Mode. It brings to a configuration window where you can parse a webpage and choose an element.

Secondly, choose the elements. Here, choose a YouTube Channel’s name. And follow a guide tip and select “scrape the text of selected elements.”

Thirdly, repeat the above steps to scrape subscriber numbers

Lastly, run a job. It takes under one minute to have results. Export data in options: CSV, text, or Excel. Here, we have used Excel.

You need to get a listing of subscribers for all YouTube Channels and copy a list to an excel we have just created. It is a sample of extracted data: car reviews YouTube video spreadsheet. After that, you can filter those that are not qualified, sort data in descending order, regroup the listing based on the standards, and contact names that come on the listing.


Web scraping is extremely powerful. Although, legal reactions circle back when you don’t utilize that wisely. We think that the finest way of improving a skill is through practice. We inspire you to replicate the tricks and acclimatize auto data scraping to get the big fish in your pond.

For more information about influencers’ data scraping, contact Actowiz Solutions now! You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping and web scraping services requirements.