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The vehicle marketplace is vast and different. It consists of new as well as used cars and parts of different models and makes. To stay competitive in such an environment, one needs to observe supplier offers, users’ demands, and preferences, as well as competitors. So, automation like web extracting is greatly used to get and analyze automotive data.

In this blog, you’ll find out what jobs could be solved using car data scraping services . Also, we’ll show the steps to get free scraping files.

When You Would Require to Extract Car Data?


Car parts listings can include thousands of places. The auto data extraction would assist in pulling a comprehensive product list from the suppliers’ websites. Getting obtained as well as approval from the supplier, you could order car data scraping of their site as well as get the item list having all the required data in the CSV file.

While reselling used or pre-owned cars, you could be involved in getting recently added ads from the car sellers as quickly as possible. That’s how scraping an automotive category using a Facebook marketplace or separate websites could be a big time saver. Getting a file with sizzling offers gives a competitive benefit over competitor car dealers.

The understanding of customers’ perspectives helps in picking superior positions for assortment and developing the best positioning. For getting customer ratings and reviews at one place as well as capable of analyzing them, the car store owners depend on extracting technology also.


How to Get Automotive Data Extraction?

Actowiz car data extraction services will offer the required data in the best available format. A free test option would help you find your requirements for the finest outcomes.

Start by providing the following details using an online form.

Site link: Offer a resource or listing of sources to extract. You may need to extract the whole website or only specific brands or categories, positions (pre-owned or used cars), or definite positions through codes.

Product Information: Define which product information you are searching for like name, description, SKU, stock, chief image URL, car makes, product description, collections, pricing, Part No, etc. You may also attach any CSV template using headings about what to scrape as well as in what format.

File Formats or Targeted Platforms: To get an import-affable file, give your shopping cart’s name. We can also offer data for Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento, and native import tools.

Let’s take an example of a file having extracted car parts data. This file is formatted for a PrestaShop native imported tool:


In case you plan to upload data in other exterior systems including ERP, we would ask for the file sample for making its structure consequently.

Other particular requirements: Each company is distinctive with its internal procedures. You could require to sort as well as filter data through make, model, and a year or you might need to add some vehicle data in the description for helping SEO as well as improve your website search. Our technology engineers would do all the required data adjustments as per your requirements.

Order Automotive Data Scraping


After approving the file structure, you will get a quote about the whole data extraction. The closing price will get calculated depending on the total rows in a result file. After making the payment, an entire file would be sent to your inbox.

Getting new updates or deals on the positions might be important for your business’ success. If you want, we will organize a schedule and on that schedule, the updates would be given.

Use Actowiz for scraping clean and usable vehicle data suitably! For more information, contact Actowiz now!

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