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This blog shows how to extract data with Google Chrome Web Scraper Extension. This helps you collect detailed info about new as well as used cars to get sold on

What Data You Can Scrape from

At Actowiz Solutions, we help you scrape data fields from like:

  • Car Name
  • Pricing
  • Seller’s Name
  • Address
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Additional Details
  • Contact Info

The screenshot provided here shows various data fields, which we would be extracting:

What-Data-You-Can-Scrape-from-Cars-com What-Data-You-Can-Scrape-from-Cars.com_2

Basic Requirements

Browser: Google Chrome - You need to download Chrome browser as this extension requires Chrome 49+.

Data Scraping Chrome Extension: A data scraper extension could get downloaded from Chrome Data Store. After extension download, you would observe a spider icon added in the toolbar.

Importing a Car Data Extractor

After doing installation, just right-click on a page anywhere and go to option ‘Inspect’.

The developer tools console would pop up.

After that, just click on Web Scraper tab as well as select the option ‘Create new sitemap’ as well as click on option ‘Import sitemap’.

Then paste given JSON below in Sitemap JSON box.

Getting a URL from

This website helps you explore for cars, which you might filter as per the parameters including locations, used and new cars, year, make, deal rating, model, trims, as well as other detailed features.

The data scraper assists you in extracting data from website as per your needs, you can choose filters when you want the scraped data and copy the corresponding URLs.

Then add a URL to metadata just by clicking a sitemap drop-down as well as paste the URL.

Go to Web Scraper toolbar and click on Sitemap button as well as choose “Edit metadata’ alternative and paste a new URL (as per your filter) like a Start URL.


Run Your Scraper

Go to Sitemap and then click on ‘Scrape’ from drop down. A new Chrome occurrence will launch, helping the extension for rolling and get the data. When data scraping gets completed, this browser would automatically get closed and send the notification.

Downloading the Data


For downloading the extracted data like a CSV file that you could open in Google Sheets or Excel, go to option Sitemap > Export as CSV > Download Now.

At Actowiz Solutions, we will help you with all your data scraping needs. Contact us now for data scraping service!

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