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It depends on what you can do or if you are happy. Fundamentally, we can utilize many web scraping tools (e.g., Scrapy, Selenium, BeautifulSoup, etc.) to scrape data from Google News. For this blog, we have used BeautifulSoup, which is straightforward to apply.

Moreover, this blog explains how to extract data from Google and how to cope with Google queries and requests’ limitations. Many Python code examples are there for Google scraping, incorporating Google News and public Google Searches.

How to Get Stock News Data from Google News?


Google News data is used for searching news from many publishers. For example, we search for company news data associated with stocks. In the given code, there is a function to get news for all tickers we have registered.


Among essential effects on Google data scraping is Google query settings. You can prepare and explore different google queries here, but in the given code, the questions include keywords for the language, search, total news, and sorting by the date.

 keyword = '{} stock news'.format(t)        
url = f"{keyword}&tbm=nws&lr=lang_en&hl=en&sort=date&num=5"

How to Find Company Description Using Google Search?


Handling Request Limits


You may create and set a header list for rotating your user agents; please check the source for more details about user-agent rotations.

The most vital thing about Google Data Scraping is setting a query URL and a header on the code.

Once you handle a query and request limitations, you can scrape news per your needs.

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