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Scraping location data from Google Places is not easy. Get expert Google popular times extraction services from Actowiz Solutions. You can scrape Google popular times data like photos, reviews, and popular times from Google popular times API.

What is ‘Popular Times’ on Google Maps?


Google utilizes Wi-Fi and GPS locations of mobiles to identify where users are by downloading Google popular times data. After that, this can control if somebody has visited the store and that store part they went towards.

It would help if you turned on ‘Location History’ option. Google assures that data is sent secretly, although if you don't love the idea of search engines knowing your movements in the day, then you only have to turn it off in settings.

Google suggests that this feature works fine for big-size stores having many chains with many customers. Smaller-size stores don't get visitors to make the features statistically sound.

Google Monitors All the People Who Use Google Maps – It Knows Where they are Going At What Time.


By collecting the data in weeks, months, or years as they use powerful computers to count how many people have visited a place every hour and get an average of how many people have seen every hour and every day, they know how busy that might be while reaching there. They might even tell when the place is closed without asking the owner for the time when all people stop there.

They use this kind of method all over. You may think they know the speeding limit on all roads, how far you might drive on a gas tank, and how many times you need to stop for a burger or other stuff, though that’s not how this will work.

How Precise is Google Live Popular Times?


Just think about this - if you are observing any particular section of a road, thousands of cars pass by every hour and millions of cars in one year. If only 1% of them use Google Maps, they could evaluate 10,000 trips per year that extract stretch of the road and become extremely good at forecasting things.

Actowiz Solutions offers the best scraping services to scrape Google popular times data on Google Maps.

List of Data Fields


At Actowiz Solutions, we extract the given data fields from LIVE Popular Times on Google Maps:

  • Title
  • Category Name
  • Total Score
  • Website
  • Address
  • Plus Code
  • Rank
  • Phone
  • URL
  • Place ID
  • Latitudes & Longitudes
  • Location
  • Popular Times Histogram
  • Search String
  • Hours
  • Opening Hours
  • Reviews Count
  • Occupancy Percent
  • Name
  • Publish At
  • Text
  • Stars
  • Likes Count

Our support staff will assist you directly if you face any problem, whereas utilizing Google Maps is a famous web scraper. Our Google Map Popular Times data extraction services are reliable and skilful and offer fast results without errors.

Our skilled staff of Google popular times API recognizes how to change data into organized data. Our Google Map data scraper results tracking various pages of targeted websites and find the necessary results.

Our Google Maps data extraction services will save time and money. We search data in a few hours, which might take days or weeks in case you try to do it yourself. We also provide Google Places API to help you extract all the required data.

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