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Just decreasing the pricing won't cut that. There are various factors to think about. Find out how data could help you in connecting the dots.

Among the reasons that Amazon is leading the e-commerce food chain market is the leadership's complete attention to the requirements of customers. Due to this fact, the sellers are stimulated to bring A-game to this platform.

It's essential for any seller on Amazon to win the Buy Box.

Buy Box is a small white box on the right side of any usual Amazon product detail pages, where an option of 'add to cart' assists sellers in leaving the rest of competition away from the customer's eyes.


Statistics indicate that around 90% of Amazon purchases use Buy Box. The share might be even more with mobile users as its mobile UI doesn't provide space for other Amazon sellers.

Following a data-driven approach on Amazon assists you in standing out from the opponents and winning a buy box. At Actowiz Solutions, this contribution has constantly ranked first with our associates.

How to win an Amazon Buy Box?


There are different ways of winning a Buy Box on Amazon. Against the extensively held belief, it's not only the pricing that influences the results. Let's understand all the points:

Size of Inventory

The algorithm of Amazon needs to guarantee that you always have sufficient stocks after a customer purchases any product. Maintaining a stable inventory flow would help you win a Buy Box. Actowiz Solutions' intuitive data scraping platform can help you monitor your inventories.

Dependable Shipping

If you fail in your promise about shipping on time, Amazon will notice that. If it consistently happens, your probability of winning a Buy Box decreases considerably. To increase your chance, you will have to maintain strict shipping schedules.

FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

When choosing FBA, Amazon will handle all packaging, shipping, as well as returns. Whereas there are other ways to run your logistics operations, selecting FBA will give you a more dependable path toward winning a Buy Box.

Seller Ratings By Amazon

Here, customer feedback has a very prominent role to play. Actowiz Solutions implements thousands of crawlers daily to track customers' feedback in the real-time. This can assist you measure customers' sentiments and take quick action. To improve your probability of winning the Buy Box, ensure that the defect rate is under 1%.

Product Pricing

You could win a Buy Box and sell at higher prices when all the metrics are streamlined. If you are lagging in different metrics, you will be forced to sell products at lower prices.

Nevertheless, you must monitor competitors' prices to frame your strategies and detect MAP violators and unofficial sellers.

We at Actowiz Solutions have special skills which help you collect product price information from Amazon in a suitable format.

Purchase Box Monitoring

Winning a Buy Box comprises monitoring the Buy Boxes of the competitors. While you lose any Buy Box, you could sell a new product and experience all the mentioned optimizations in the past sections.

Monitoring competitors' Buy Box would help you observe their actions and the steps required to defeat them.


Winning a Buy Box Using Data

You already get a complete picture about what it takes to win a Buy Box on Amazon, and it's certainly not limited by prices.

It is not restricted to a Buy Box Product Monitoring or your competitors. You need an end-to-end solution of Amazon data to rise with a full-proof plan.

It involves a complete listing of data points you can use to leave the competition in the dirt. That's where Actowiz Solutions has a role to play!

From scraping data according to your requirements about discerning exploratory routes to Amazon's data acquisition, Actowiz Solutions has helped many enterprises from different fields to extract the best from Amazon!

In the given use case, we've scraped many data points from the Beauty and Personal Care segment, which we know would assist the client in winning a Buy Box.


Key Fields Scraped:

Key-Fields-Scraped Key-Fields-Scraped-02

Amazon's algorithm proves to be terrible for a few during a bonus for others. The rise of this e-commerce giant has resulted in the disintermediation of many businesses.

At Actowiz Solutions, we request that you see this change and cut-throat competition as an excellent opportunity to drive sales.

With the suitable datasets provided at the right time, you can optimize quickly and finally win a Buy Box!

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