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As inflation has hit a 40-year high of 9.1 percent, U.S. customers geared up for the first sign of relief and optimism in the form of an expected discount purchase –Amazon Prime Days 2022. As Prime Days have become an advertising period nearly as significant as Black Friday to online shoppers, the grouping of inflationary pressures, economic uncertainty, and supply chain tasks seemed to change the discount policy expected provided activity seen in Prime Days 2021.

At Actowiz Solutions, our analysts have been working hard to offer the 'first look' of Prime Day 2022 Promotional Insights. Here is the summary of what we have found.

Competitive Promotions Provide Amazon to Run for the Money!

Amazon provided the highest average discount improvements for Electronics with 5.6 percent, trailed by Health & Beauty products with 5.1 percent and home products with 4.2 percent, respectively, set against the pre-Prime Day discounts offered across the considered categories within the analysis. The type that was reviewed where average values got more significant on the competitor's site was's Clothing category. As given below, Clothing on's average discount was 6.8 percent, more than pre-Prime Day offers, which was 2.6 percent higher than the average discount for Clothes on Amazon.


Target Make the most of the Growth Opportunity in Clothing.

Diving deep into the information of where has won within the Clothing group, you can observe that most of the promotional activities have taken place in Women's Accessories in which discounts provided were 18.5 percent more than those in pre-Prime Day 2022, was nearly 15 percent more than discount improvements seen on Amazon in Women's Accessories. Women's Sneakers and Shoes were the two categories having average discounts provided were more on Amazon than


On the whole, the discounts provided on in the Clothing category were mainly focused on the items priced at $40 or lower; however, the most exciting thing is that inside the $10 or less price bucket, Target provided average discounts of more than 11 percent while Amazon has increased prices of these items by more than 9 percent.

As the majority of Clothing accessible on both Amazon and Target during the Prime Days 2022 was provided without specific price change, the highest discount percentages pursued were within a range of 10 to 25 percent off on Amazon, while Target chose to give the bulk of promotions with 25 percent off.


Strategic Promotional Tactics Defined for Electronics Subcategory

Regarding the Electronics category on Prime Days, the main question is who will win this battle. Here is the difference in promotions discounts and average pricing provided between Samsung versus Apple in all retailer platforms; noticing deals were nearly 3 percent more on an Apple average versus all Samsung products at Amazon, with Apple discounts being almost 5 percent more on Amazon versus


As the average discount offered in the Electronics category was highest on Amazon (5.6 percent) against Best Buy (3.9 percent) and Target (3.4 percent), as given in the initial chart of the blog. Across technologies and brands considered here, the discounts provided on Amazon were tactically focused between 10 to 25 percent, as given below.

Electronic promotions of Amazon were also targeted at minor price points, products priced between $20 to $500. At the same time, Target and Best Buy provided better promotions for electronics with prices of $500 and more than Amazon.


Here is the snapshot of pricing buckets pursued Electronics accessible on, mentioning where the majority of promotional activities were targeted at the products priced more than $50 during the Prime Days 2022, having discounts in the range from 10 percent to over 25 percent greater than the pre-Prime day pricing.


Home Category: Dominated by Amazon on Prime Days

Amazon has dominated offers provided in the home categories, particularly for products in mid ($40 to 100) and high price ranges ($200 to 500), with a bulk of discounts provided between 10 to 25 percent. Even a subdivision like Tools provided a more bottomless average deal at Amazon (4.7 percent) than discounts provided on (1.1 percent).


For larger Appliances, Amazon was the sole retailer to offer significant discounts across all major subcategories, with the highest average deals on Ovens (6 percent), trailed by Refrigerators (4 percent).

However, during 2022 Prime Days, Amazon also provided top discounts for smaller appliances, excluding Instant Pots, which looked to have a better average deal on Target (5.9 percent vs. 4.2 percent on Amazon), with Vacuum Cleaners that looked to have the finest promotions of small and large appliances with 13.8 percent average discounts on BestBuy.


Health & Beauty Pricing Strategies Discovered

Provided the significance Health & Beauty Brands positioned on Prime Days sales the previous year, we had expected to see additional offers, particularly within beauty channels. We did it for the booming category.


Amazon drove the majority of Health & Beauty product offers with an average of 5.1% discounts vs. other retailers providing below 1% on average; however, discounts were expected at the targeted SKUs group on Amazon, taking the average discounts to low overall. Most of Amazon's promotions fell in the mid-price range ($20 to 50) and were reduced between 10 to 25 percent vs. pre-Prime Day prices.


On average, target provided the most equivalent discounts to Amazon in the Health & Beauty segment; however, their strategy mainly focused on products within the $20 and low-price range with values ranging between 10 to 25 percent.


More Prime Day Sales are Coming!!

As Prime Days Sale comes every year, you can analyze the scraped data and use it for your benefit! You can also reach us for all your web scraping services and mobile app scraping service requirements. Contact Actowiz Solutions for more details.