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How-to-Scrape-Booking-com-Data-Using-Beautiful-Soup-to-Do-Hotel-Data-Analysis, a renowned online travel agency, offers many hotels and accommodations worldwide. This project aims to utilize web scraping techniques to gather data from The primary objective is to extract information concerning hotels, encompassing details like prices, ratings, reviews, amenities, and locations. The collected data will be valuable for analyzing customer behavior, identifying patterns, and discerning trends, such as favored destinations, preferred amenities, and booking habits.

Import Libraries

BeautifulSoup (bs4) is utilized for scraping data from HTML documents requests is utilized for sending HTTP requests and get responses pandas is utilized for data manipulation & analysis


HTML Structure Overview

Understanding the HTML structure of a website is crucial for effective web scraping, as it enables the identification of the targeted elements for extraction. In this project, we focus on data extraction from for hotels in London. The HTML structure of the webpage plays a vital role in determining the specific elements such as prices, ratings, reviews, amenities, and locations we aim to extract. By analyzing the HTML structure, we can navigate and locate the relevant sections of the webpage to gather the desired information.


To examine HTML elements on a web page, you can utilize the browser's integrated developer tools. Here's a guide on how to do it using Google Chrome:

Open Google Chrome and navigate to the desired web page.

Right-click on the element you want to inspect and choose "Inspect." Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + I" (Windows/Linux) or "Cmd + Shift + I" (Mac) to open the Developer Tools panel.

The Developer Tools panel will appear, displaying the HTML source code of the web page. The " Elements " tab will highlight the element you right-clicked on.

Utilize the "Elements" tab to navigate the HTML tree and select any element you wish to inspect. When you select an element, its corresponding HTML code will be highlighted in the panel. You can view and modify its properties and attributes in the "Styles" and "Computed" tabs.

By utilizing the browser's developer tools, you can quickly examine and analyze the HTML structure of a web page, which proves beneficial for web scraping projects.


Get HTML from the Website

To get HTML from the website having Bootstrap, you may utilize Python’s requests library for sending an HTTP request to a website’s server and regain HTML content.


After regaining a page we make a BeautifulSoup object through passing HTML content with required parser (here, we’re utilizing ‘html.parser’ parser given by BeautifulSoup)

soup = BeautifulSoup(response.text, 'html.parser')

Using the resulting soup object, you can navigate the HTML tree and extract the desired data from the web page. In this project, we will retrieve the following information from a list of hotels:

Hotel name




By identifying the specific HTML elements that contain this information, we can extract it using BeautifulSoup's methods and attributes.

Data Scraping


Making a DataFrame

After scraping the required data from the hotel listing with Beautiful Soup, it’s easy to make a pandas DataFrame for storing and manipulating data.

Making-a-DataFrame Making-a-DataFrame

Making CSV Files

hotels.to_csv('hotels.csv', header=True, index=False)

To conclude, web scraping using Python and Beautiful Soup is valuable for gathering data from websites. In this project, we have explored the process of extracting hotel information from and generating a CSV dataset. We appreciate your time reading this blog, and we hope it provided valuable insights and assistance. Thank you! For more information, please contact Actowiz Solutions! Call us for all your mobile app scraping and web scraping service requirements.