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As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, finding an available charging station has become crucial for drivers. provides real-time data on the availability of charging plugs, which can be highly useful while planning your journey. In this blog, we will build a Python script to scrape the charging plug availability data from and integrate it with Siri Shortcuts, allowing you to ask Siri about the availability of charging plugs on the go.

Why Scrape EV Charger Availability Data?


Knowing the availability of charging plugs in real-time can save you from the inconvenience of driving to a charging station only to find it fully occupied. When you Scrape EV charger availability data, you can:

Real-Time Information: When you scrape EV charger availability data it provides real-time updates on the status of charging plugs at various locations, ensuring drivers have the most current information before planning their charging stops.

Optimized Travel Routes: Access to real-time availability data allows drivers to optimize their travel routes by selecting charging stations with available plugs, reducing the risk of encountering fully occupied stations and minimizing travel disruptions.

Minimized Downtime: By knowing the availability of charging plugs in advance, drivers can minimize downtime spent waiting for a charging spot to become available, enabling them to charge their vehicles more efficiently and continue their journey without unnecessary delays.

Enhanced Journey Planning: Electric car charger data scraping enables drivers to plan their journeys more effectively by identifying charging stations along their route with available plugs. This proactive approach helps drivers avoid situations where they may run out of battery charge before reaching the next charging point.

Resource Allocation Optimization: For charging network operators, access to real-time availability data allows for the optimization of resource allocation, such as the placement of charging stations and the allocation of charging infrastructure based on demand patterns and usage trends.

Improved User Experience: Providing drivers with accurate and up-to-date information about charging station availability enhances the overall user experience of electric vehicle ownership, reducing frustration and uncertainty associated with finding an available charging plug.

Contribution to Electric Vehicle Adoption: By facilitating seamless charging experiences through the availability of real-time data, scraping EV charger availability data contributes to the wider adoption of electric vehicles by addressing concerns related to charging infrastructure accessibility and reliability.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Creating an electric car charger availability tracker allows for the collection and analysis of historical availability data, enabling data-driven decision making for both drivers and charging network operators regarding charging station usage and infrastructure planning.

Scraping EV charger availability data plays a vital role in providing drivers with timely and accurate information to optimize their charging experiences, minimize travel disruptions, and contribute to the broader adoption of electric vehicles.

Key Requirements

To build an electric car charger availability tracker, we need to:

  • Extract availability of electric car charger from
  • Create a Siri Shortcut to read out the availability via Siri.

Getting Started


Before we start, ensure you have the following:

  • Python installed on your system.
  • Basic knowledge of Python programming.
  • An Apple device with Siri Shortcuts enabled.
  • Access to for real-time data.
Libraries Required

We'll use the following Python libraries:

  • requests: For making HTTP requests to
  • BeautifulSoup: For parsing HTML content.
  • json: For handling JSON data.
  • flask: For creating a local server to integrate with Siri Shortcuts.

Install these libraries using pip if you haven’t already:

Step-by-Step Implementation

1. Extracting the Availability Data from

First, we need to scrape the charging plug availability data from We will create a Python script that requests the webpage, parses the HTML to find the relevant data, and returns the availability status.

Here’s how you can do it:

2. Creating a Local Server with Flask

To integrate this with Siri Shortcuts, we’ll create a local server using Flask. This server will handle requests from the Siri Shortcut and respond with the current availability status.


Run this Flask application, which will be listening for incoming requests on port 5000.

3. Creating a Siri Shortcut

To make Siri check the availability, we need to create a Siri Shortcut that sends a request to our local server and reads out the response. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Shortcuts app on your Apple device.
  • Create a new shortcut.
  • Add the "Get Contents of URL" action.
  • URL: http://< your-ip-address >:5000/check_charger

  • Add the "Get Dictionary Value" action to extract the available value from the JSON response.
  • Add the "Get Dictionary Value" action again to extract the unavailable value from the JSON response.
  • Add the "Text" action to format the message:
  • Text: "{available} plugs available, {unavailable} plugs unavailable"

  • Add the "Speak Text" action to read out the availability message.

Save the shortcut and give it a name like "Check Charger Availability".

Detailed Code Explanation

Scraping the Charger Availability Data

The get_charger_availability function is designed to scrape the charging plug availability data from Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

  • Send a GET Request: The requests.get method sends a request to the specified URL.
  • Parse the HTML Content: BeautifulSoup is used to parse the HTML content of the webpage.
  • Find the Availability Data: We look for HTML elements that indicate the availability of plugs. In this example, we assume that available plugs have a class plug-status with an additional class indicating availability.

Adjust the class names in the find_all method based on the actual HTML structure of

Creating a Flask Server

The Flask server handles incoming GET requests and returns the charger availability data as JSON. The check_charger function calls get_charger_availability and formats the response.

Integrating with Siri Shortcuts

By creating a Siri Shortcut that sends a request to the Flask server, we enable hands-free checking of charger availability. Siri will speak out the availability status, making it convenient for you while driving.

Enhancements and Considerations

Error Handling and Logging

To improve reliability, add error handling and logging to the Flask server and the scraping function.

Deploying the Flask Server

For real-time use while driving, deploy the Flask server on a cloud platform like Heroku or AWS, making it accessible over the internet.

Security Considerations

Ensure that the server is secure by implementing HTTPS and adding authentication if needed to prevent unauthorized access.


Building an electric car charger availability tracker using Python and Siri Shortcuts provides a seamless and efficient way to check charger availability on the go. By doing electric car charger data scraping from and integrating it with Siri, Actowiz Solutions help you get real-time updates and make informed decisions while driving. With this setup, you’ll always know if it's worth driving to a specific charger, ensuring a smoother and more convenient EV driving experience. Contact us for more details! You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping, instant data scraper and web scraping service requirements.


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