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In today's competitive world, everybody wants ways to innovate and use new skills. Web scraping (or data scraping or web data extraction) is an automated procedure that scrapes data from websites and exports that in structured formats.

Web scraping is particularly useful if any public site you wish to find data from doesn't get an API or offers limited access to web data.

In this blog, we will through light on this concept, and you will learn:

What is web scraping?

The fundamentals of web scraping

What is a web scraping procedure?

What is web scraping utilized for?

The best sources to know more about web scraping

What is Web Scraping?


Web scraping is a procedure of gathering well-structured web data in an automated manner. This is also recognized as web data scraping or data extraction.

Some critical use cases of web scraping consist of price intelligence, price monitoring, lead generation, news monitoring, and market research.

Usually, web scraping is utilized by businesses and people who need publicly accessible data to produce meaningful insights and make intelligent decisions.

If you’ve copied & pasted data from a site, you’ve done the same functions using any web scrapers; you manually go through a data scraping procedure. Unlike the tedious procedure of scraping data on your own, web scraping utilizes intelligent automation for retrieving hundreds, millions, or billions of data points.

Suppose you use a data scraper to find web data or outsource a web scraping project with a data extraction companion. In that case, you’ll have to understand more about web scraping basics.

Web Scraping Basics

A web data scraper automates the procedure of scraping data from different websites rapidly and precisely. The procedure is easy and has two steps: web crawlers and web scrapers. The data scraped gets delivered in a well-structured format, which makes it easier to study and utilize in the projects.

A crawler leads a scraper using the internet when it scrapes the requested data.

Web Scraping & Web Crawling – The Difference

Web Crawler


Web crawlers or “spiders” are artificial intelligence that searches the internet for indexing and searching content by following links and searching. In different projects, you initially “crawl” the web or any particular website to find URLs you pass on to a scraper.

Web Scraper


Web scrapers are designed to rapidly and precisely extract data from web pages. Different web data scraping tools differ extensively in design and complexity per your project.

A significant part of each web scraper is data locators, which are utilized to get data you need to scrape from an HTML file - commonly, CSS selectors, XPath, regex, or a grouping of them gets applied.

Understanding the differences between a web scraper and a web crawler will assist you in your progress with data scraping projects.

Web Scraping Procedure


Web scraping could be immensely valued for producing insights. Two ways are there to find web data:

Do It Yourself with web scraping tools

That is what a regular DIY web scraping procedure looks like:

  • 1. Find the targeted website
  • 2. Collect page URLs where you need to scrape data from
  • 3. Make one request to URLs to find the HTML of pages
  • 4. Utilize locators for finding data in HTML
  • 5. Save data in the CSV or JSON file or any other well-structured format

You have to deal with many challenges if you want data at scale.

For instance, they maintain data scraping tools and web extractors if a website’s layout changes, organize proxies, perform JavaScript, or work with antibots. There are technical problems that use internal sources.

Different open-source data scraping tools are there that you can utilize; however, they have their limitations.

That’s one part of why different businesses outsource data projects.

Outsource Web Scraping Using Actowiz Solutions

1. Our team collects your requirements about the project.

2. Our expert team of data scraping specialists writes scraper(s) and sets the infrastructure for collecting structure and data depending on your needs.

3. Lastly, we deliver data in the desired formats and frequency.

Eventually, the scalability and flexibility of web data scraping make sure that project parameters, don't matter how precise, can be fulfilled with ease.

Managers of e-commerce business intelligence inform retail units using competitor pricing depending on investors' research, web-scraped insights, analyze investment opportunities, and marketing teams overcome the competition using deep insights, thanks to the growing adoption of data scraping as a fundamental part of daily business.

Web scraping outsourcing is the way of going for companies that depend on web data insights.

Why Outsource All Your Web Scraping Needs?

High-Quality Data : Data scraping providers like Actowiz Solutions have high-tech infrastructure, brilliant developers, and tremendous experience, ensuring correct and correct data.

Lower Cost : Finding web data from skilled providers could be expensive; however, outsourcing is the more profitable choice compared to creating an in-house infrastructure and hiring numerous engineers and developers.

Legal Compliances : You might need to be better aware of the dos and don'ts of scraping; however, a data provider with an internal legal team will surely. Outsourcing ensures you always be legally compliant.

Do you need to know more about how Actowiz Solutions' web scraping services can add value to a scraping project? Contact us to know more!

What is a Web Scraping Tool?

A web scraping tool is a software program designed to scrape applicable data from sites. Use a data scraper to scrape precise datasets while collecting data from different websites.

A website scraper is utilized as a part of the web scraping procedure to make HTTP requests on any targeted website and scrape web data from pages. It analyzes publicly available and noticeable content to users and is reduced by a server like HTML.

Different types of data extraction tools and web scrapers like Actowiz Solutions’ Automatic Extraction have capabilities that can be customized for various data scraping projects.

The Importance of Scraping Data

Web scraping offers something valuable that nothing else can offer: it provides well-structured data from a public website.

With modern convenience, the real power of web scraping comes in its capability of building and powering some of the world's most groundbreaking business apps.

'Transformative' doesn't define how a few companies utilize web-scraped data to enhance their operations, notifying executive decisions to individual customer service experiences.

What are the Uses (Use Cases) of Web Scraping?

Alternative Finance Data

The decision-making procedure has never been informed, nor data are insightful, and the world's top companies are progressively consuming web-extracted data provided its unbelievable strategic value.

  • Company Fundamental Estimation
  • News Monitoring
  • Public Sentiments Integration
  • Scraping Insights from Different SEC Filings

Brand Monitoring


In a highly competitive market today, defending an online reputation is the main priority. If you are selling products online and use a solid pricing policy which you have to apply or want to understand how people observe your products, brand monitoring having web scraping can provide you with this type of data.

Business Automation


In a few situations, it can be awkward to get data access. You may have to scrape data from the website, which is yours or your partner's, in a well-structured way. However, there are no easy ways to do that, and this makes sense to make a scraper and grab the data. Compared with trying and working your way through complex internal systems.

Content & News Monitoring


If a company depends on sensible news analyses or frequently comes in the news, data scraping news data is the ultimate solution to monitor, aggregate, and parse the most important stories from this industry.

  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Investment Decisions Making
  • Online Public Sentiments Analysis
  • Political Campaigns
  • Sentiment Analysis


Lead generation is an important marketing or sales activity for different businesses. In the HubSpot report 2020, 61% of the inbound marketers said that generating leads and traffic was their main challenge. Luckily, web extraction can access the well-structured lead list online.

MAP Monitoring


MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) monitoring is a standard practice for ensuring a brand's online pricing is aligned with the pricing policy. With tons of distributors and resellers, it's impossible to monitor prices manually. That's why web scraping can be helpful, as you can observe your products' pricing without lifting your finger.

Market Research


Market research is essential and must be determined by the most precise information accessible. With web scraping, you will get high volume, high quality, and compassionate web-extracted data of all shapes and sizes, fueling business intelligence and market analysis worldwide.

  • Alternative Finance Data
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Market Pricing
  • Market Trends Analysis
  • Point Entry Optimization
  • Research & Development

Price Intelligence


Scraping pricing and product information from different e-commerce websites and turning that into intelligence is a significant part of contemporary e-commerce companies that must make superior pricing or marketing decisions depending on data.

Benefits of price intelligence and web price data include:

  • Brand & MAP Compliance
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Product Trends Monitoring
  • Revenue Optimization

Real Estate


The real estate digital transformation in the last two decades threatens to disturb outmoded firms and make influential players in the business.

By including web-extracted product data in daily business, brokerages and agents can defend against top online competition and make well-informed decisions in the market.

  • Assessing Rental Yields
  • Evaluating Property Values
  • Examining Vacancy Rates
  • Understanding Market Directions

Some Other Use Cases

The boundless applications and methods for web scraping will continue. Web data extraction is broadly used for:

  • Academic Research, Real estate, etc.
  • Journalism, News, and Reputation Monitoring
  • Lead Generation and Data-Driven Marketing
  • Risk Management and Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Monitoring


What is web scraping used for?

Web scraping is a procedure of utilizing bots for scraping data and content from a site. Unlike screen scraping, which only copies pixels displayed onscreen, data scraping underlying HTML codes and, with that, data gets stored in the database. A scraper can replicate the entire website content in another place.

Is web scraping legal?

Web scraping is legal if you extract publicly accessible data online. However, some types of data get protected by global regulations; therefore, be careful while extracting personal data, confidential data, or intellectual property.

What is a web scraping example?

Web scraping means data extraction into a more valuable format for the users. For instance, you might extract product data from an e-commerce site in an Excel spreadsheet. Though web scraping could be manually done, you could better do that using automated tools.

Why is Python used for web scraping?

You can do web scraping using different methods; however, many favor Python because of its easy usage, more extensive library collection, and easily understandable syntax. Web scraping is extremely important for business intelligence, data science, and investigative reporting.

Do hackers use web scraping?

A web scraping bot can collect user data from different social media websites. Then, by extracting websites that contain addresses with other personal details and relating the results, a hacker might engage in identity crimes like the submission of fraudulent applications for credit cards.

Does Amazon allow web scraping?

Web scraping will help you choose a particular data from the Amazon website in the JSON file or spreadsheet. You can even make that an automated procedure that runs daily, weekly, and monthly to update data constantly.

What is web scraping vs. API?

APIs are usually limited in the functionality to scrape data from one website (except they're aggregators); however, you can find data from different websites with data scraping. Also, an API allows you to access a particular set of functions developers give.

Is web scraping easy to use?

A data scraper accurately and quickly automates scraping data from different websites. The data scraped is provided in a structured format to make that easier to study and utilize in the projects. The procedure is easy and works in two steps: a web scraper and a web crawler.

Which language is easiest for web scraping?

Python web scraping is the best option for different programmers creating a data scraping tool. Python is the most common programming language primarily because of its easiness and capability to deal with virtually any procedure associated with web scraping.

What is the Best Way to Use Web Data?

At Actowiz Solutions, we have worked in this web scraping industry for many years. We make data scraping very easy. We have provided scraped data for over 1,000 customers using our data scraping services. Our customers contact us so that they can exclusively focus on making intelligent decisions and making their products while we offer them quality data. If you need high-quality and timely data, then contact Actowiz Solutions now! You can also reach us for all your web scraping service and mobile app data scraping service requirements.


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