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Actowiz Solutions LLP ‘The Fastest Growing’ Big Data Analytics Company

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We are overwhelmed with our latest web data extraction solution – Actowiz Web Scraping API.

We aim to build a single API that can be pivotal in handling all your web data extraction requirements. As a result, we created a web scraping infrastructure that has the potential to perform the most demanding use cases of prime users.

However, this Actowiz Web Scraping API, one of the best solutions for web data extraction, allows the developers to concentrate on data rather than on extraction keeping all worries related to bans, proxies, and maintenance at bay.

It is as simple as it is – Enter a URL and get data!

What is Actowiz Web Scraping API?


Actowiz Web Scraping API is a single automated solution for web data extraction that requires easy setup to return HTML from any website at the lowest cost. It uses an automated all-in-one solution to eliminate time-consuming configuration and anti-scraping workarounds.

Using the essential tools helps extract data from valuable sites.

Why Use Actowiz Web Scraping API?


Easy User Experience: Using our Data Scraping API, users can experience a simple yet seamless and predictable data collection without getting messed up with multiple tools and configurations to struggle for anti-data collection measures.

Professional data collection engineers can quickly build a scraping stack within a fraction of the time. They use the right features and resources required for each domain.

Powerful API

Actowiz Web Scraping API integrates every popular web scraping technology and technique with a powerful yet simple API to collect data at a large scale. This API will automatically adapt to any site changes ensuring that you never get banned and always get data even if there is a change in codes by your target sites.

Our objective behind building this API was to collect reliable data for large and small-scale operations.

Built for Purpose

Users can easily collect publicly available internet data simply and effectively. They can avoid virtually all anti-web scraping measures using the best and most cost-effective techniques. Hence, they must avail data quickly and efficiently. At Actowiz Solutions, customers are our top priority.

Using a single API that has the potential to automate all repeatable and challenging tasks of web scraping, our customers can rest assured that their data are available in reliable form. At the same time, they focus on driving insights and impact in their companies.

Zero Downtime

Actowiz Solutions offer per-site pricing with the most cost-effective solution for reliable web data collection. Tools required to solve measures and bans of a particular site’s anti-web scraping determine the cost per site.

The best part is that our scriptable browser mimics human behavior and doubles the success rate in returning the data while giving you complete control of its actions. However, for scraping, you get the most common browser actions that can save enough time and money.

What’s In It?


Conclusion: Although scraping websites have become extremely difficult in recent years. Our innovations always attended to become the best solution for web scraping. Actowiz Solutions Web Scraping API automatically detects the right-size features and configures itself to gather data from any website. Using the right features and resources helps you generate a scraping stack and, in turn, saves money and the effort required while using more expensive and complex components.

For more information, contact Actowiz Solutions now! You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping and web scraping services requirements.