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Amazon - The Retail Leader that Completely Changed the eCommerce Environment

Amazon is a top e-retailer in the U.S., having net sales amount near $386 billion in 2020! All sellers wish to trade on Amazon due to its vast worldwide customer base. Amazon is a familiar name in several countries and has become identical for online shopping.

However, this success hasn’t come overnight. Amazon has worked very hard by implementing advanced procedures, cutting-edge technology, competitive pricing, and buyer centricity, gradually expanding to various geographies and their range. It has launched Amazon Prime to make shopping convenient and cheaper for its faithful customers and increase its popularity worldwide.

The main factors behind the success of Amazon's dynamic pricing model are its assurance to always provide the best pricing to customers, its fast and convenient delivery options with total magnitude, and its different products.

Though merchants could benefit significantly from selling items on Amazon, these prices could be difficult, and reducing prices alone may not work. Merchants must realize that Amazon considers different factors with competitive pricing to get top rank and eye them using Buy Box. Through the blog, we will analyze the main pricing methods Amazon sellers could use to make complete Amazon listings.

Amazon Pricing Model – What is It?

Amazon’s price model rotates around providing the most aggressive pricing to shoppers. Lower prices ensure brand retention and loyalty and make the sellers profitable for utilizing Amazon to sell products and create a customer base. It means that prices don’t become constant and could change even many times in one day.

Buy Box is an addition to Amazon’s price model, which adds to Amazon’s success. As sellers fight to come on a Buy Box that will ensure more visibility and sales, this also ensures that shoppers have the lowest pricing possible for similar products. Even if the sellers don’t reach Buy Box, they could rank higher depending on the blend of product prices and shipping prices that Amazon considers.

To add in the lower prices, Amazon gets customers having its accessibility. Thousands of sellers are selling their products on Amazon, so the probability of products getting out of stock is extremely low. Consumers always have the products they are searching for.

How Do Different Sellers Price Their Products on Amazon?

Many ways are there for sellers to price their items on Amazon; however, the eventual goal for all sellers is to make profitable sales using a platform. In most cases, dealers set their pricing in ways that win them buy boxes; however, for private niche products and label brands, it is about getting higher on the search outcomes than competitors resulting in more conversions and better visibility.

However, it’s not about pricing only to win additional sales. Amazon looks at ratings and reviews, product descriptions and keywords, delivery with fulfillment, and availability of products to rank higher in search outcomes or come in a buy box.

However, as we presently are focusing on Amazon’s pricing, let’s understand its most common price models and which factors you should consider as sellers and merchants before determining the product prices and pricing strategy:

Product Price Creation on Amazon


Pricing is among the most significant factors defining success on an Amazon platform. Remember that any price slip may cost you big sales in cut-throat competition. Your prices have to be very competitive while making profits. The most excellent way of determining prices is understanding the financials and sales objective, your targeted audiences, and your overheads and costs. Recognize the lowest and highest prices on offer and determine the average prices to get profits and provide you competitive advantages. Once you understand the product price range, an essential strategy for Amazon is its dynamic price strategy.

Dynamic Price Strategy


Shoppers these days are technologically occupied, well-informed, and known for comparing product prices before making any purchase. Many pricing matching tools, including Krazy Coupon Lady and Camel Camel Camel, are now accessible for customers for this objective. It makes the Amazon price game more competitive and complex, making dynamic prices a requirement to remain in the competition and changing comparison shoppers to buyers.

We all know that Amazon is famous for its dynamic price or repricing strategy. With this price strategy, the product prices don’t remain persistent, but change usually depends on competitors’ prices, demands and supplies, and marketing trends. Because of more sellers and buyers on the Amazon marketplace, dynamic pricing has become complex, and the prices could change many times per day as per how actual products are doing on a day. Amazon analyzes the pricing of millions of products on a two-minute basis; therefore, if you don’t follow repricing, you would be behind in the race for winning consumers.

Having a massive marketplace like Amazon, all products have many competitors for customers to select from and match prices against. The probability of consumers purchasing a high-priced product within the presence of any lower-priced identical or similar product is miserable. By applying a dynamic repricing strategy, the sellers can get the finest position to provide competitive pricing and win newer customers. In easy terms, dynamic pricing or repricing is how you adjust the prices to cut the competition. You could decide the lowest and highest pricing you are ready to provide for products while defending your margin and adjusting prices within the beginning to match or beat competitors’ prices. Three diverse ways are there where you could reprice Amazon products.

1. Manual Repricing


You can cut competition by manually repricing the products manually with Amazon Seller’s Central or different platforms if you sell using third-party retailers. This technique is time-consuming and demanding and will work if you get some products listed. You would also need to continuously monitor competitor pricing movements to adjust prices within time.

2. Auto Rule-Dependent Repricing


Though Automate Pricing also has its disadvantages. Auto repricing removes the manual pricing review requirement, and it is a much better way to reprice products to have competitive advantages. With auto reprice tools, it’s easy to pre-configure rules, including minimum and maximum prices, choose the desired products, choose the competition that you wish to track, and allow a repricing tool to update your pricing automatically for high returns. You can have many paid or free repricing tools to select from. Amazon also has its repricing tool named ‘Automate Pricing’ that you can use for free by first-party sellers of Amazon.

3. Algorithmic Repricing


The most complex repricing tool accessible in the market is Algorithmic repricing. Algorithmic repricing utilizes self-knowledge algorithms for repricing products and matches prices or lower prices having competitors. It considers different factors when determining the winning product price that might often be beyond the lowest pricing yet still win a buy box. As an excellent solution, an algorithmic repricing tool is expensive and makes sense for recognized sellers with more extensive inventories on Amazon's e-commerce site.

What is Actowiz Solutions’ Stand on Amazon’s Dynamic Pricing?

Actowiz Solutions believes dynamic pricing is an effective price strategy on & off Amazon for comparison shoppers. Using increasing competition and access to new and superior price tools, the lone way to succeed in eCommerce is to optimize pricing corresponding to the competitors to change today’s pricing-sensitive shoppers to get a market portion. Dynamic price doesn’t need to involve ‘always low pricing’ to become competitive. A scalable and sustainable dynamic pricing strategy uses intuitive, sophisticated, and advanced technologies like dynamic pricing solutions from Actowiz Solutions. You can take benefit of assortment gaps and pricing put by competitors as well as improve prices with precision and speed to convert shoppers, protect margins, and better profitability.

Win an Amazon Buy Box

To win an Amazon Buy Box is the immediate objective for the most excellent successful sellers selling on a platform; however, it’s not easy. While coming to a Buy Box, lower pricing is not the sole consideration. Although lower prices are vital to winning a Buy Box, additional aspects also have a role to play. Let’s go through some methods that you can use to advance your chances of winning a Buy Box:

  • Decrease delivery time to a minimum and indeed less than 14 days:
  • Do quality checks of products to decrease replacements and returns to the minimum
  • Improve product ratings and reviews by asking customers to rate your products
  • Include adequate information, the best keywords, and images within the product descriptions to minimize cancellations
  • Amazon Fulfilled Products have higher chances of being featured because of a quick and guaranteed delivery timeline, though it hasn’t yet been accepted openly by Amazon
  • Customer-Satisfaction-of-Women-Fragrance-Products-Ulta-Beauty-and-Sephora.jpg

Additional Amazon Pricing Tactics to Build Brands


• Premium Pricing

You don’t need to lower your pricing to succeed on Amazon. In the case of premium products selling and any big brand involved with you, it’s easy to use the best pricing strategy to provide higher pricing than your competitors. However, it does not work with Amazon as customers are not brand determined and might go for lower pricing over brand faithfulness, forcing many

• Penetration Pricing

This is a perfect option for brands or sellers starting with newer products and wishing to produce more interest in the product. Using this tactic, merchants low their prices, repeatedly preceding their profits to show on top of the search results, increasing sales and interest. And when they establish a good client base, they will increase the pricing.

• Cost-Plus Pricing

Cost-Plus Pricing is among the basic pricing strategies in which sellers augment a flat percentage of profits to the product cost to determine selling prices that might provide them with desired returns. Though with an easy strategy, it gets difficult for the sellers to regulate the actual costs they incur behind the product, particularly marketing costs that may twist the expected return rates.

• Value-Built Pricing

Value-built pricing won’t stick to usual pricing norms, usually determined by observing historical price trends, costing, and competitors’ prices. With this strategy, a seller establishes pricing based on perceived values that products produce for customers and readiness to pay. This makes sense to well-established brands having higher brand values or private-labeled brands that provide exclusive products and wish to differentiate and establish themselves in today’s market.


These are specific formulas regarding pricing products at Amazon. Sellers must be informed, agile, and competitive using their pricing and continually evaluate what works for them. Optimizing and reviewing your listings, delivery, returns, and checking product quality is essential to get the maximum out of a marketplace to win the Amazon price war.

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