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Amazon Seller API Data Fields
  • Seller ID
  • Seller Name
  • Marketplace ID
  • Price
  • Quantity on Hand
  • Order ID
  • Order Date
  • Order Status
  • Shipping Information
  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Fulfillment Channel (FBA or FBM)
  • ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)

Inventory Management

  • Monitor and adjust inventory instantly to prevent stockouts and overstocks.
  • Streamline operations by automating restocking processes based on inventory thresholds.
  • Enhance efficiency with automated order processing and accurate inventory availability tracking.

Order Processing

  • Streamline operations by automating order processing for faster and accurate fulfillment.
  • Receive instant updates on order status, ensuring timely and efficient processing.
  • Improve efficiency by optimizing order workflows for smoother and faster processing.

Price Optimization

  • Adjust prices in real-time based on market conditions, competition, and demand.
  • Analyze competitor prices to strategically set and adjust product pricing for competitiveness.
  • Implement pricing strategies to maximize profits while staying competitive in the market.

Sales Analytics

  • Gain comprehensive insights into sales performance with detailed analytics and reporting.
  • Monitor key metrics to optimize product listings and marketing strategies effectively.
  • Utilize sales data to make informed decisions and enhance overall business strategies.

Customer Feedback Management

  • Monitor and respond promptly to customer reviews for improved reputation management.
  • Implement strategies to address customer feedback and enhance overall customer satisfaction.
  • Manage and improve seller reputation by actively engaging with customer feedback.

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Complete transparency real-time performance


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Actowiz Solutions is a technology company specializing in developing customized solutions for leveraging the Amazon Seller API. Our expertise lies in creating tailored applications to extract, analyze, and utilize data from the Amazon Seller API, helping sellers optimize their operations.
Yes, Actowiz Solutions prioritizes data security. Our solutions are developed with industry-standard security measures to protect your information. We adhere to best practices and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
Actowiz Solutions can access a wide range of data fields including inventory details, order information, financial data, customer feedback, and more. Our solutions are designed to provide comprehensive insights for effective decision-making.
Actowiz Solutions can implement dynamic pricing strategies based on competitor analysis, market conditions, and demand fluctuations. This allows sellers to stay competitive while maximizing profitability.
Yes, Actowiz Solutions offers continuous support and ensures that our solutions are updated to align with any changes or additions to the Amazon Seller API. We are committed to keeping our clients' systems running smoothly.
Absolutely. Actowiz Solutions helps sellers monitor key performance metrics, ensuring compliance with Amazon's standards. We offer tools to track and enhance seller performance.
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