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An intense season of Black Friday has just passed, and we have some fantastic news to share!

Our team has utilized Actowiz Solutions products to do a detailed analysis for comparing market trends and data demand requirements received in this period – and we have got pretty impressive results.

There was a good association between web data requests and market trends, and our execution was off the charts! We can say here that a “Black Friday Creep” is actual.

Read further to see what we have uncovered in this Black Friday 2022 season.



Cyber Monday or Black Friday may look like only 2-days shopping mania after Thanksgiving…however there is much more than that.

Although Black Friday and Thanksgiving day were factually the best- selling days for ecommerce industry, Cyber Monday has become the most crucial day for ecommerce business in recent times.

As per Adobe Analytics, in 2022, Cyber Monday had covered $11.3 billion in total online spending.

The new phenomenon, "Black Friday Creep,” has twisted the Black Friday markets the wrong way up. It is imposing retailers to provide more deals in a week and for a longer time.

And it’s precisely what glowed our curiosity to dive deeper into our data requests.

Increased Requirement of E-Commerce Web Data


Let us show you what we mean by available patterns found in the Black Friday season.

We have pursued and analyzed the received requests by Actowiz Solutions for a well-known e-commerce website – preliminary on Tuesday (11/22) and through Black Friday (11/25) as well as Cyber Monday (11/28) time.

This chart shows a per-hour accumulation of the handled traffic when users crawl this particular site, where every request usually permits a customer to scrape data from one webpage.

Web Extraction Patterns of E-commerce Data

Cyber Monday beat Black Friday in the requests’ volume– having 61 million requests handled on this website only – compared to 46.7 million requests on Black Friday.

We have noticed a higher increase of data scraping demands on days that lead to Thanksgiving that is where early deals got released.

A smaller 2-day valley trailed it before settling on Black Friday

That was again trailed by a smaller dip – and later finishing off with a high on Cyber Monday, the greatest day of 2022.

While looking at the registered traffic numbers by our tool we have seen a 7.88% increase while comparing a Black Friday.

Associating Tuesday to Monday (at end of Cyber Monday) we have seen 6.34% increase in Year-Over-Year.



We are happy to report more than 99% scraping performance throughout the week. We have delivered 3.34% increase on Black Friday as well as 3.95% high performance across the whole week compared to 2021.


Our study showed a clear association between volumes of sales reports vs data requests for a Black Friday season.

Cyber Monday has surpassed Black Friday in Actowiz Solutions’ requests of data demands.

99% of performance average across the whole week

Black Friday Creep has higher data demand requests in the week leading up to Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Interest in the ecommerce data has become more significant than ever – and results prove that we can provide during the fullest of seasons. Even using higher volume requests, we have given excellent performance to customers.

This results in constantly pursue new ways of improving data extraction procedure and offer data of the best quality possible.

Actowiz Solutions will help you scrape ecommerce product data from Black Friday and Cyber Monday ecommerce sale.

Actowiz Solutions is the leader in web data scraping – with services which offer data on 3 billion products every month – therefore you can scrape data from any ecommerce website.

We know the significance of data for e-commerce and always ensure that results are up-to-date and accurate.

Contact Actowiz Solutions with your e-commerce data scraping needs, and our experts will do the rest!

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