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Navigating through numerous Airbnb listings to gather information can be overwhelming. Whether searching for the ideal vacation spot or comparing your listing to the competition in your neighborhood, the process can be time-consuming and challenging. But what if there was a solution that could export all the valuable data from Airbnb listings into a user-friendly spreadsheet?

Introducing web scraping—the ultimate answer to your Airbnb research needs!

With web scraping, you can effortlessly extract and organize data from Airbnb listings, making it easy to navigate and analyze. Imagine having all the property details, pricing information, amenities, and reviews neatly organized in a simple spreadsheet.

Web scraping saves you time and eliminates the hassle of manual data collection. It provides a streamlined and efficient way to gain insights and make informed decisions for your vacation planning or host activities.

Ready to unlock the power of web scraping for your Airbnb research? Contact us today to discover how web scraping can revolutionize how you gather and analyze data from Airbnb listings.

The Legality of Web Scraping Airbnb

Web scraping of publicly available information, including data from Airbnb, is generally considered legal. Since Airbnb listings are publicly accessible, scraping data from their website is typically permissible. However, it's important to know that legality of data scraping might vary as per the jurisdiction and precise terms of services or robots.txt file provided by Airbnb.

While Airbnb is a large corporation with robust servers, using an efficient program like Actowiz Solutions for scraping purposes should not cause any significant impact on their resources, ensuring ethical scraping practices.

To have peace of mind regarding the legality of web scraping, it is always recommended to review and comply with the laws and regulations governing data scraping in your country of residence. Additionally, referring to relevant blog posts or consulting legal experts can provide further guidance on the specific legal considerations associated with web scraping.

Remember, conducting web scraping ethically and responsibly is crucial, respecting website terms of service, data privacy, and intellectual property rights.

Web Scraping Made Easy with Actowiz Solutions for Airbnb

A web scraper is your go-to tool if you want to extract specific data from Airbnb listings and create a comprehensive database. Actowiz Solutions, a free and powerful web scraping solution, is ideally suited for scraping dynamic websites like Airbnb.

With Actowiz Solutions, you can effortlessly scrape and extract the precise data you need from any Airbnb listing. Whether it's property details, pricing information, amenities, or reviews, Actowiz Solutions enables you to build a database of listings tailored to your requirements.

Actowiz Solutions offers a user-friendly interface and advanced scraping capabilities, making it a reliable choice for extracting data from dynamic websites like Airbnb. Its efficiency ensures smooth scraping, even with the complexities of Airbnb's platform.

Start harnessing the power of Actowiz Solutions for web scraping Airbnb listings today and unlock a wealth of data at your fingertips. Build a comprehensive database that will empower your vacation planning, competitive analysis, or any other research needs you have in mind.

Make web scraping a breeze with Actowiz Solutions and unlock the potential of Airbnb data like never before!

Scraping Airbnb Data for New York City Listings

Imagine you're in the process of setting up your boutique Airbnb listing in the vibrant city of New York. Setting up a web scraping project to gather Airbnb data is an excellent strategy to understand the listings in your neighborhood and stay ahead of the competition.

You can extract valuable information from Airbnb listings in New York City by utilizing web scraping techniques. This includes property details, amenities, pricing information, and guest reviews. Scraping this data will give you a comprehensive overview of what other listings in your neighborhood are offering, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your own Airbnb listing.

You can leverage powerful tools or platforms like Actowiz Solutions to begin your web scraping project. These tools simplify the scraping process, allowing you to specify the target locations and data points you want to collect from Airbnb. With Actowiz Solutions, you can effortlessly scrape and organize the desired information, saving time and effort.

Armed with a wealth of data from your web scraping project, you can gain insights into the market trends, pricing strategies, and amenities offered by similar listings in your neighborhood. This knowledge will help you position your boutique Airbnb effectively and provide your guests with a unique and competitive experience.

So, embark on your web scraping journey today and acquire the knowledge you need to create an exceptional Airbnb listing in the vibrant city of New York!

Let’s Get Started

To start your Airbnb data scraping project using Actowiz Solutions, please ensure you have downloaded and installed the software on your computer.

Next, navigate to the Airbnb website and adjust the search filters to display the results for stays in New York City during the desired period, preferably in early October of next year. Copy the URL of the search results page, which will serve as the starting point for your web scraping project.

With Actowiz Solutions up and running, you can input the URL you copied into the software. Actowiz Solutions will then scrape the page and extract the relevant data from each listing, including property details, amenities, pricing, and more.

By capturing as many available listings as possible, you'll gather a comprehensive dataset to analyze and gain insights into the offerings in your neighborhood.

Get ready to uncover valuable information about the Airbnb listings in New York City for early October next year using Actowiz Solutions. Let the scraping process begin, and discover the competitive landscape to inform your boutique Airbnb listing!

Set Up a Scraping Project

It is time to use web scraping.

1. First, open Actowiz Solutions and click New Project

2. Enter an Airbnb URL to extract for the project.

3. Now, the page will render in Actowiz Solutions and we are ready to select data to extract.


Scrape Basic List Data

1. Initially, click on title of first listing given on result pages. The title would get highlighted in color green to suggest that it has been chosen.

2. Then click on second listing title on a page to ensure all the listings on a page are chosen (colored green).

3. On left sidebar, ensure to rename selection with ‘listing’.


4. Actowiz Solutions will scrape title and list URL of every listing on result pages.


5. Then, click on PLUS(+) given to listing selection and choose command, Relative Select.

6. Using ‘Relative Select’ command, just click on title of initial listing and on a listing’s price. One arrow will come to characterize Relative Select.

7. Now, rename your current selection as "price." To extract additional information such as listing type, rating, review number, and layout, repeat steps 5 to 7. This will enable Actowiz Solutions to comprehensively gather the desired data for each listing.

8. Remember to expand the newly created selections to cover the additional data points. However, make sure to exclude the extraction of URLs. By doing so, Actowiz Solutions will focus solely on extracting the selected data without including the URLs they are linked to.

Scrape Listing Information

To further enrich your data extraction process using Actowiz Solutions, you can instruct the software to click on every listing on the page and extract additional information from each individual listing page.

1. To gather comprehensive information, utilize Actowiz Solutions, click command by adding it to the listing selection, clicking on the plus (+) sign, and selecting the click command.


2. When prompted with a pop-up asking if it is a "Next" button, select "No" and choose to create a new template, renaming it as "listing_template."


3. To extract additional data from the page, begin by clicking on the host's name and renaming the new selection accordingly using Actowiz Solutions.

4. To expand the listing details for scraping, add a new select command in Actowiz Solutions and choose the "Read more about the space" link, renaming the selection as "read_more."


5. Expand your newly created selection in Actowiz Solutions and remove the extraction command.


6. To add a click command, click on the plus (+) sign in Actowiz Solutions.


7. When a pop-up appears asking if it is a "Next" button, select "No" and choose "Continue executing the Current Template" in Actowiz Solutions.


8. Proceed to create a new Select command in Actowiz Solutions to extract the listing description.


9. To scrape amenity information for each listing, repeat steps 4 to 7 in Actowiz Solutions and instruct it to click on the "Show all amenities" link.

10. Use select command in Actowiz Solutions, click on the initial amenity category (Basic) and click on second amenity category for making sure all the categories are chosen, renaming the selection as "amenities."


11. Expand the newly created selection in Actowiz Solutions and remove the "begin new entry" command to ensure that only the desired amenity information is extracted from each listing.

12. To add a Conditional command in Actowiz Solutions, click on the plus (+) sign.

13. In the Conditional command, add an expression to ensure that Actowiz Solutions extracts each category into its own respective column.

14. For the first expression, we will utilize:



15. To connect the Basic Header to the content under it, add a Relative Select command to the Conditional and rename the Relative Selection as "basic_amenities" in Actowiz Solutions.


16. To select every amenity category, you can copy and paste the Conditional command while ensuring that you update the expressions and selection names accordingly in Actowiz Solutions. Additionally, remember to drag and drop the pasted commands to arrange them properly and avoid excessive nesting. Your final project should resemble the following structure:


Deal with Search Pagination

So we’ve told Actowiz Solutions to extract every listing on first page of search result pages. Today, we will tell that to extract extra result pages to ensure that the database is as comprehensive as possible.

1. Initially, using left sided navigation, we would head back to main_template. You may also need to go back towards search result pages on Actowiz Solutions window.

2. Then, click on PLUS(+) sign on page command and choose Select command.


3. With Select command, just click on next page icon at bottom of Airbnb result pages. Rename that selection to the next step.


4. Enlarge the selection and delete default scraping commands.


5. Finally, use PLUS(+) button for adding the Click command.

6. One pop-up will come asking if it is the “Next” button. Press “YES” and enter number of times you’d wish to repeat the process. Here, we will repeat that 5 times.


Running an Airbnb Scraping Job

Now the time has come to run a scraping job we’ve made.

On left sidebar, just click on ‘Get Data’ button and choose ‘Run’ button.

After scraping is done, you can download the data in the Excel spreadsheet.



Using web scraping, data using Airbnb is within people’s reach. Therefore, you can repeat this procedure again and again to get the best (hidden) vacation spots or plan how to monetize new listing.

In case, you have some questions about how to extract Airbnb or other websites, contact Actowiz Solutions now! You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping or instant data scraper needs.


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