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Within this blog, we'll employ the Python library (googlesearch) to delve into the art of scraping the Google Search Engine. Our exploration doesn't stop there—we'll also delve into the subsequent step of extracting the textual content from each link obtained through the search results.

What Exactly is googlesearch?

Googlesearch is a Python library designed explicitly for scraping the Google search engine. This library harnesses the capabilities of requests and BeautifulSoup4 to Scrape data from Google's search results effectively.

Getting It Up and Running To initiate the installation process, execute the following command:

pip install googlesearch-python



To acquire search results for a given search term, the process is straightforward. Employ the search function within googlesearch. For instance, if you're seeking results for the term "Google" on the Google search engine, implement the following code:

from googlesearch import search

Exploring Further Possibilities


The flexibility of googlesearch extends to additional options. By default, the library returns 10 search results. However, this can be customized. To retrieve a substantial 100 results from Google, for instance, implement the following code:

from googlesearch import search
search(“Google”, num_results=100)

Broadening Horizons


It's worth noting that googlesearch empowers you to alter the language in which Google conducts searches. To illustrate, if you're aiming to obtain search results in French, take a look at the following code:

from googlesearch import search
search(“Google”, lang=”fr”)

For those seeking to extract additional information, such as result descriptions or URLs, an advanced search approach is essential. This lets you delve deeper into the search results and retrieve more comprehensive data.


In scenarios where you're requesting more than 100 results, googlesearch sends multiple requests to navigate through various pages. To regulate the time intervals between these requests, the 'sleep_interval' parameter comes into play. By adjusting this parameter, you can effectively control the pace at which requests are made.

from googlesearch import search
search(“Google”, sleep_interval=5, num_results=200)

Importing googlesearch module

For those seeking additional guidance or information, you can explore the help documentation associated with the 'search' function. This resource can provide valuable insights into the usage and nuances of the function, enhancing your understanding and proficiency.



Assistance with the 'search' Function in the googlesearch Module


Conduct a Google Search Using the Provided Query String


Perform a Google Search for a Specific Term

In this instance, let's initiate a search for the term "xcelvations" on the Google search engine. The search domain (tld) is "" We've configured the search to yield 10 results per page, and the search will conclude after retrieving 20 results. Feel free to modify the search term according to your preference.




Verify Results on Google

To ensure the consistency of outcomes; you can cross-check the obtained results with those on Google itself. This step helps confirm the accuracy and reliability of the data retrieval process.


Scraping Google Search Engines for Image Searches

Imagine a scenario where the goal is to search for "xcelvations" specifically in the image search category. The input parameter "type" should be set as 'isch' in this case. This configuration allows for targeted image searches, enhancing the precision of the scraping process.




Extracting Text from the Top Ten Results through Web Scraping

In the upcoming segment, we'll initiate a Google Search for "Xcelvations." We aim to procure the text content from the top ten search results. To accomplish this, we'll leverage the capabilities of the requests and BS4 modules, facilitating effective web scraping procedures.


Creating a Google Search Function

Let's establish a function named get_google_search() to streamline the process. This function will be designed to retrieve the top ten search results from a Google search operation.




We are successfully retrieving top ten results from Google Search Engines.

Webscraping for every link




The possibilities are endless with the text content of the top ten results in our possession. The information obtained can be harnessed for various purposes, catering to your needs and objectives.

Concluding Thoughts

This marks the conclusion of our exploration. Should you have any queries or inquiries about the content of this blog, don't hesitate to reach out to Actowiz Solutions. Our doors are always open to address your queries. Additionally, whether you're searching for mobile app scraping, web scraping, or instant data scraper services, Actowiz Solutions is at your service. Feel free to connect with us to fulfill your data-related requirements.


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