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Job scraping is an emerging trend in the job market, involving the systematic collection and categorization of job listings based on specific criteria. To harness the power of this trend, consider utilizing our Indeed Jobs Data Scraping Services. This practice holds advantages for various companies and industries. The job market is dynamic, with a continuous influx of diverse job opportunities. Staying current with this ever-changing landscape is challenging, making gathering data through scraping appealing.

Indeed is a prime candidate for this approach among the prominent job boards. Extracting data from Indeed can jumpstart the process of identifying suitable leads, resulting in time and cost savings. To provide a reliable service, maintaining consistency is essential. Keeping abreast of job market trends allows businesses to search for potential candidates proactively. This includes insights into candidates' salary expectations, preferred locations, favored companies, and more.

When conducting a scraping operation on, the following types of data can be obtained:

Job Postings: The primary focus of job scraping, complemented by our Jobs Data Scraping Services, is to efficiently gather details about available job openings. This data includes job titles, descriptions, requirements, and application instructions.

Company Profiles: Information about the hiring companies can be collected alongside job listings. This includes company names, descriptions, sizes, locations, and sometimes even employee reviews.

Job Descriptions: Extracting comprehensive job descriptions provides insights into various positions' responsibilities, qualifications, and expectations.

Job Locations: Job scraping allows for collecting location-specific information, helping businesses and job seekers identify opportunities in desired geographic areas.

Job scraping involves systematically gathering and categorizing job-related data from platforms like Indeed. This practice is gaining traction due to the challenges of staying current with a dynamic job market. By extracting information about job postings, company profiles, job descriptions, and job locations, businesses can gain a competitive edge in finding and connecting with suitable candidates. Consistency in monitoring market trends further enhances the effectiveness of this approach.

Steps for Indeed Scraper

The following guide outlines a systematic approach to utilizing the Actowiz Solutions automated Indeed scraper for extracting data from the Indeed platform. Following these steps, you can efficiently access job openings, applicant profiles, company specifics, and geographical locations; all facilitated through Actowiz Solutions' platform.

Step 1: Registration/Login

If you still need to register on Actowiz Solutions, you can sign up for a free trial by following the signup link. For new users, the account can be created using an email address.

Step 2: Accessing the Indeed Scraper

Upon logging in, you will be directed to the 'Get Started wizard.' Proceed to the search bar and input 'Indeed,' then click on the search icon on the right side, as illustrated below. Once the search results are displayed, click on the relevant option to activate it.


Step 3: Obtain Precise URLs from Indeed.

Open a new tab and navigate to the Indeed website. Utilize the search feature to locate specific results. For example, search for 'Software Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA.' Once your search is finalized, copy the URL from the address bar. Return to Actowiz Solutions and locate the corresponding URL, as indicated below.,+PA&radius=5&explvl=entry_level&taxo1=oJHjzJOuQkapHAUg0sf0-Q

Once the search is completed, copy the URL from the address bar. Ensure that the URL adheres to the valid formats, beginning with either /jobs?, /cmp/, and starting with Return to Actowiz Solutions and input the obtained URL following the specified criteria.


Important Note: To optimize your results, it's crucial to employ particular keywords when conducting searches on Indeed. This approach ensures precise outcomes and avoids unnecessary credit usage on irrelevant results.

Step 4: Input Values in the Extractor

Users are provided with the option to input the desired 'Maximum rows' for extraction. Users can also enter the 'Starter Links' and subsequently click the 'Save & Continue' button. This action progresses the process.


Important Note: All valid Starter URLs should include the elements /jobs? and /cmp/, as illustrated above.

Step 5: Initiate the Extractor

Users possess the capability to activate the extractor session by selecting the "Run now" button, as depicted below.


Step 6: Data Extraction by Actowiz Solutions

The duration of the extraction process varies based on the number of rows to be retrieved. In certain instances, the process may take hours to gather all results comprehensively. While accumulating the data, the extractor will display an ongoing "running" status. Below is a data preview encompassing 23 rows for your reference.


Step 7: Data Download Options

Upon completion of the extraction process, users are presented with two methods to download the obtained data.

Email Notification: Users will receive an email notification once the extractor concludes its task. By clicking on the provided link within the email, they will be redirected to their account. In the account's Data tab, they can access the data for download.

Direct Access: Users can log in directly to the Actowiz Solutions tool. In the tool's interface, they can navigate to the Data tab and proceed to download the collected data.

Furthermore, users are granted the capability to download the data in various formats, including CSV, JSON, XLSX, XML, and JL, as depicted below


Step 8: Accessing the Data File

For this illustration, we are using a CSV file format to facilitate the report download. To open the downloaded file, Microsoft Excel is employed as the tool of choice.


Advantages of Scraping

Comprehensive Data Access: Scraping provides access to a wide range of job-related data, including job listings, company profiles, job descriptions, and locations. This comprehensive information can empower businesses with valuable insights for their recruitment strategies.

Real-time Updates: is updated continuously with new job postings. Scraping allows you to obtain real-time updates on the latest job opportunities, ensuring you're always up to date with the evolving job market.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Manual searching for job openings can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Scraping automates the data collection, saving valuable time and reducing labor costs associated with manual searches.

Precise Targeting: By specifying specific keywords, locations, and other criteria, you can tailor your scraping efforts to extract only the most relevant job postings. This precision helps in finding job opportunities that align with your needs.

Competitive Analysis: Scraping data from can also help analyze the job market trends, competitor activities, and the demand for specific job roles. This insights-driven approach can give your business a competitive edge.

Enhanced Candidate Sourcing: For recruiters, scraping job postings can provide a vast pool of potential candidates. You can analyze job descriptions, skills requirements, and other details to identify potential matches for your open positions.

Customized Filtering: Scraping tools often allow you to set up filters and parameters based on your specific requirements. This customization lets you gather the needed data, leading to better decision-making.

Market Research: Scraping job data can be helpful for companies seeking to understand employment trends, salary expectations, and industry shifts. This data-driven approach aids in making informed strategic decisions.

Scale and Consistency: Scraping tools can consistently handle large volumes of data without the risk of human errors. This scalability and consistency are crucial when dealing with many job postings on platforms like Indeed.

Lead Generation: For businesses looking to market their products or services to job seekers, scraping job postings can help identify potential leads based on their job preferences and locations.


Scraping job data from offers many advantages, from streamlined data collection and insights-based decision-making to enhanced candidate sourcing. This practice equips businesses with the tools necessary to maintain competitiveness and relevance within the dynamic job market.

Initiating your data-driven strategy with Indeed scraping, especially through our specialized service, Indeed Job Listing Data Scraping, is a compelling way to propel your business forward. Our Indeed web scraper simplifies this process immensely. With a simple button click, a wealth of data becomes available

The best part? Our web scraper requires no coding. Through Actowiz Solutions, web scraping becomes a straightforward endeavor.

Embark on this journey by signing up for a free trial of our Indeed Job Postings Data Scraper, and commence the growth of your business today.

You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping, instant data scraper and web scraping service requirements.


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