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Halloween, often described as the opening act for the holiday retail season, carries immense significance for brands and retailers worldwide. It's not just a celebration of costumes and sweets; this critical period plays a central role in shaping strategies for the subsequent shopping frenzies. In 2022, the United States witnessed Halloween-related spending exceeding a remarkable $10.3 billion, and 2023 promises to bring about intriguing twists. This year, the National Retail Federation has forecasted Halloween expenditures to surpass $12.4 billion.

The Importance of Halloween Holiday Retail Season

Halloween is more than just a fun holiday; it's a valuable retail season that businesses can leverage to boost revenue, engage with consumers, and prepare for the upcoming holiday season. It offers a unique opportunity for creativity and innovation in marketing and product offerings, making it a significant event in the retail calendar.

The Halloween holiday retail season holds significant importance for several reasons:

Revenue Generation: Halloween has become a major commercial holiday, providing a substantial revenue boost for businesses across various sectors. Retailers, costume shops, candy manufacturers, and decor suppliers can experience a surge in sales during this season.

Seasonal Transition: Halloween is a transitional period between the end of summer and the start of the winter holiday season. It serves as a stepping stone for retailers to begin marketing their holiday merchandise and promotions.

Consumer Engagement: Halloween offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to engage with consumers through themed marketing campaigns, events, and promotions. Creative and entertaining initiatives can build brand loyalty and drive customer interaction.

Market Testing: For many retailers, Halloween is a testing ground for new products, marketing strategies, and consumer preferences. Insights gained during this season can inform decision-making for the upcoming holiday season.

Inventory Management: For candy and costume manufacturers, Halloween is a critical time for inventory management. The successful management of seasonal inventory can impact profitability and operational efficiency.

Community Engagement: Halloween often involves community events, parades, and local festivities. Participating in these activities can enhance a business's community presence and goodwill.

Brand Building: Successful Halloween marketing and products can contribute to brand building and recognition. Memorable and creative Halloween campaigns can resonate with consumers and create lasting brand impressions.

Social Media Impact: Halloween generates significant social media buzz, allowing brands to connect with their audience and generate user-generated content. Creative and shareable content can go viral, boosting brand visibility.

Consumer Behavior Insights: The Halloween season offers insights into consumer shopping behavior, preferences, and trends. Analyzing these patterns can inform marketing and product strategies for the rest of the year.

Economic Impact: On a macroeconomic level, Halloween retail plays a role in the broader economy, supporting jobs, manufacturing, and supply chains. It contributes to economic growth and stability.

Importance of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) Brands in Halloween

CPG brands have a significant impact on Halloween, contributing to the holiday festivities and enhancing their market presence. By embracing the spirit of Halloween through themed products, creative marketing, and engaging consumer experiences, CPG brands can tap into the holiday's economic potential and strengthen their brand's position in the market.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands play a crucial role in Halloween for several reasons:

Halloween-Themed Products: CPG brands often introduce unique, limited-edition Halloween-themed products. These items cater to the holiday's demands, such as candies, snacks, beverages, and party supplies. These products contribute to the festive atmosphere and drive sales during the Halloween season.

Seasonal Marketing: Halloween provides CPG brands with an opportunity to engage in seasonal marketing. They can create eye-catching packaging, launch promotional campaigns, and employ Halloween-themed advertising to capture consumer attention and stand out on store shelves.

Increased Consumption: leads to increased consumption of certain CPG products. Candies and treats, in particular, experience higher demand as people purchase them for handing out to trick-or-treaters or for personal enjoyment during Halloween parties and gatherings.

Brand Visibility: Participation in Halloween-related events, promotions, and partnerships can enhance a CPG brand's visibility and reputation. Creative and memorable Halloween campaigns can leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Market Expansion: Halloween-themed products allow CPG brands to expand their market reach. These seasonal offerings attract new consumers and can lead to repeat purchases, potentially increasing a brand's year-round customer base.

Consumer Engagement: CPG brands can engage with consumers during Halloween through contests, giveaways, and interactive social media campaigns. This engagement can foster brand loyalty and strengthen the customer-brand relationship.

Sales Boost: For many CPG brands, the Halloween season represents a significant portion of their annual revenue. Halloween-specific marketing and product launches can lead to a substantial boost in sales, making it a pivotal season in their annual calendar.

Innovation and Product Development: Halloween encourages CPG brands to innovate and develop new products to meet consumer demand. This creativity can lead to product diversification and introducing unique and exciting items that resonate with consumers.

Consumer Insights: The Halloween season provides CPG brands valuable insights into consumer preferences, trends, and buying behavior. Analyzing these insights can inform future product development and marketing strategies.

Competitive Advantage: Being a part of the Halloween retail landscape allows CPG brands to gain a competitive advantage. By offering unique, high-quality, innovative products, they can outshine competitors and secure a larger market share.

CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brands, in particular, face high stakes, offering them abundant opportunities. These opportunities encompass strategic discounts, the refinement of brand positioning, distinctive market presence, and the lucrative potential to influence consumer behavior. In this blog, a deeper exploration is given where we'll delve into the pivotal metrics and trends that hold sway in CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) Brands arena.


Valuable Insights into Discounts, Pricing, and Purchase Behavior

In the realm of pricing, discounts, and consumer purchasing behavior for Halloween, a significant trend emerges. Even though 43% of consumers plan to scale back their Halloween spending in 2023, the Millennial generation stands out as a notable exception. A surprising 41% of Millennials are preparing to open their wallets wide this season, contrasting with the more conservative approach of Gen X and Baby Boomers, where 53% and 51%, respectively, are opting for more budget-friendly Halloween celebrations.

The linchpin in appealing to this diverse consumer landscape is discounted. Businesses that provide an extensive array of discount options, including bulk deals and buy-one-get-one offers, have the potential to enjoy a considerable surge in sales, with growth estimates ranging from 10-15%. Moreover, this year's spending trends suggest early-bird discounts, especially on Halloween candy, can be a game-changer. Customers who chose to buy their Halloween candy in August 2022 had an average order value of $104, notably $30 higher than those who postponed their Halloween candy purchases until October. This observation emphasizes the importance of implementing strategic discounts and early promotional efforts in the Halloween retail sector.

Latest Shopping Trends

Over the past few years, it has become evident that the Halloween shopping frenzy kicks into high gear eight weeks before the much-anticipated D-day. Shoppers are proactively securing their holiday essentials well in advance, driven by the pursuit of the best deals, product selection, and the desire to avoid dreaded stockouts. A case in point is the surge in online searches on Amazon for the term "Halloween costumes," which saw an impressive near-170% increase from the first to the last day of August. Notably, the search terms "Halloween Costumes for Adults" experienced an astonishing 385% surge in searches through the similar time frame. This year, search volumes show an earlier acceleration compared to Halloween 2022, with nearly a 95% increase in interest, encompassing costumes, decorations, and even candy.

Regarding shopping channels, it's interesting that one-third of Generation Z individuals plan to procure their Halloween costumes from Amazon. Furthermore, among those who shop online for Halloween, Amazon stands out as the starting point for 54% of Generation Z and 56% of Millennials. However, Instagram is gaining traction as a shopping platform, attracting the attention of 28% of Generation Z shoppers.

Investing in digital channels must be balanced, as even prominent Halloween retailers like Spirit and Party City find themselves trailing competitors in the online sphere, with a mere 9% of shoppers going towards their websites for their Halloween browsing needs. These emerging trends underscore the evolving landscape of Halloween shopping, driven by early-bird preparation and a shift toward digital platforms.

Halloween 2023: Best-Selling and Popular Products

Current Costume Trends: This year's costume choices mirror the prominent trends in pop culture, with a pink cowgirl ensemble inspired by Barbie emerging as the top-selling women's costume on Amazon. Similarly, the success of Netflix's "Wednesday" series is anticipated to fuel a surge in gothic-themed purchases and styles. As for men, costumes inspired by the Mario Bros franchise are expected to enjoy significant popularity.


Candy Champions of 2023: As per insights given from Shopper Intelligence Platform, Catalina, consumers are gearing up to allocate a substantial 15% of their overall shopping expenditure exclusively to candy during the "pre-season" shopping phase. Amazon's best-sellers offer a glimpse into the candy landscape, with assorted flavor miniatures from Hershey, Nerds' Treat or Trick packages, assorted combination offerings of Butterfinger with Crunch and Baby Ruth, Mars' combo featuring "Ghoulish Green" M&Ms alongside Snickers and Twix, and the perennially popular Skittles and Starburst assortments setting the standard. Variety packs, miniature or "fun-sized" packages, and specially themed "trick or treat" packages are outperforming their regular, full-sized (and full-priced) candy counterparts. Clearly, curating trendy and enticing holiday assortments that align with consumer preferences represents a lucrative venture in preparation for the holiday rush.

In-Demand Decor: As the DIY trend, pop culture influences, and eco-consciousness gain momentum, retailers should anticipate a broader array of non-traditional colors and decor choices this year. However, the classics continue to hold their ground, as indicated by Amazon's best-sellers, featuring items like floating (flameless) candles, eerie ghosts, inflatables, and giant spider webs prominently in the spotlight.

Halloween Retail Rulers: Leading Brands in 2023

Heinz: Straying from their traditional domain, Heinz embarked on a creative collaboration with Firework, offering a distinctive Halloween pop-up event for families nationwide. Embracing the whimsical notion of "tomato blood" ketchup, Heinz piqued shoppers' interest with its "festive costume creations." The highlight of this campaign was a shoppable live stream hosted on their official website, instantly captivating viewers and leading to the purchase of exclusive costume kits. Across various platforms, the live stream and the campaign garnered well over 16 million impressions, solidifying the initiative as a resounding success.

Urban Outfitters: Urban Outfitters adopted a playful approach in their campaign, targeting younger shoppers and featuring humorous costumes for the season. The Influencer Halloween Costume Set they offer is a reimagined crop top ensemble, swiftly became a viral sensation. The humor didn't stop there, as a simple denim outfit transformed into a "Bob Ross" costume, reflecting a broader trend in the season where many fashion and beauty giants dived headfirst into the Halloween theme, rebranding staple products with enticing, spooky names, all within the captivating realm of Halloween sales.

Target: In an era where inclusivity is paramount, Target rose to the occasion with a line of children's Halloween costumes that were irresistibly adorable and remarkably diverse. Marketed using a cast reflecting different backgrounds and abilities, it responded to society's urgent call for enhanced disability representation, demonstrating that genuine inclusivity can be heartwarming and commercially viable.

Tesco: This year, retail therapy intertwined with Halloween excitement at Tesco, as the chain brought festive fervor into their physical stores. They orchestrated a haunted superstore experience featuring self-driving carts, covered faces behind the toilet rolls, unsettling hands, and other surprises. This innovative move aimed to drive foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar locations and underscored the brand's commitment to reimagining the retail engagement experience.


In every passing Halloween season, a wealth of opportunities emerges for businesses to enhance their financial success, laying the groundwork for the approaching holiday period. To fully seize these prospects, brands and retailers must go beyond superficial insights; they require a strategic partner equipped with an in-depth comprehension of the market. At Actowiz Solutions, we provide businesses with access to 99% accurate real-time market data, enabling you to curate exceptional product selections, craft potent sales campaigns, and implement influential pricing strategies year-round. As we venture into 2023 and beyond, let Actowiz Solutions empower your brand to not only stay ahead but to reach the pinnacle of the retail landscape. For more details, contact us now! You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping, instant data scraper and web scraping service requirements.


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