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Each company requires outbound sales & marketing campaign in which leads are important as it is among the main tasks for all businesses. There is a bang of lead generation available in the promotion market, having demands for lead management services increasing every day.

For a few, advertising on search engines or social media like Google is its answer. However, with some time, this won't work or you're not ready to shell out the money required to become successful.

That’s where lead data scraping for promotions and customer engagement might be the finest option as everybody needs targeted data depending on something extremely industry-specific like particular review scores related to your niche.


Lead Scraping – The Concept


Lead scraping is a reliable way to get the right customers for marketing products, saving organizations’ time, and helps in better audience understanding. Contacts include phone numbers, emails, and social media profiles. Gathering contacts helps you customize the audience selection and indicate where to search for future customers. To efficiently produce potential leads, you have to undergo three fundamental steps:

  • Identifying resources
  • Determining the technique of data scraping
  • Cleansing and structuring collected data

Lead Extraction Benefits


Key players like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon are using Artificial Intelligence that only confirms us its significance. It is particularly true in sales, where AI has opened new levels of accuracy and automation. Web scraping automates tasks, gathers data quicker, and finds deeper insights into customers and prospects.

Finding Targeted Audiences


Every company needs to recognize the most important customers in this market segment. And reaching a certain level needs the ability of constantly collecting and analyzing information that can be a tremendous load on teams. Also, you should know what types of leads you want, and to know this, you need to first regulate the targeted audience.

Here, you might extract data to know consumers and audience features which align with business’ values and make an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile.) It will assist in identifying suitable data sources for searching for information about targeted audiences.

Industry Trend Tracking

Without knowing definite industry standards, it's not possible to understand how your products are superior to other products and it will be hard to show your uniqueness to possible customers.

Use of web scraping helps you know your role in the business on the whole. Learning about tracking changes and trends using data analysis is as important as evaluating an organization.

Up-to-Date CRM

It's very important for companies to keep CRM updated and fill that with precise contact details and latest customer data because this type of sales data can immediately become old-fashioned. A modernized CRM helps you assess prospects with the potential and find quick access of all the information.

Web scraping can assist you update the CRM regularly, battle the data obsolescence effects and prevent wrong data.

Company Research Automation


Companies have to influence their targeted customers using steady company research, therefore, sales & marketing staff reviews articles, social media, forums, and examines every day for keeping company on course to do business development. Though, Artificial Intelligence can automate all the manual work.

You can use web scraping to analyze all aspects of a business, from product’s development to its shipment. You can study each step of production & sales procedure automatically and you could continuously get important insights about how to improve a company's weaknesses and concentrate on getting new customers. It would become easier to market products as it would be precisely different from competitors.

How Lead Generation Can Be an Important Factor for Brands?

To endure in a marketplace, a company has to continuously build policies and get leads to maintain success. Although there are sales departments which continuously interests future customers, business development takes ample time and efforts. The customers would reach salespeople themselves and find more about services or products they like. However, today, they want to do research, social media, read reviews, and test product trials.

Web scraping is very good for sales teams (B2B) for the given reasons:

  • saves time with manual data entry as it automatically scrapes larger amount of data
  • reduces costs because manual data assortment is time-consuming and costly as 53% of the companies spend over 50% of their whole budget for lead generation, a price that you can reduce using lead scraping
  • data precision, as web scraping dangers human errors related with manual search for information
  • user-friendly, you don't have to be a developer for collecting data from the website, you can utilize web scraping services and tools
  • you have quick access to so much of data
  • helps you to efficiently manage data using different systems and tools

How to Find Qualified Leads and Clients in an Industry?

To successfully recognize the customer base, you require data for answering all questions you have to ask. Web scraping will collect data from social media websites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter; Yelp directories; Yellow Pages, real estate websites like Zillow, Realtor; recruiting website like Indeed, and more. You can discover your targeted market, evaluate industry trends and advance sales procedure to meet customer requirements. You may also select any suitable sources for web scraping. In addition with lead data, it is easy to track competitors, perform market analysis, discover the newest trends, etc.


Use the finest characteristics of lead generation tactics. Remember, you will never get too many customers. The main point here is to maintain a balance between quality and quantity. Do not try and maximum contacts possible - strive hard to collect extra quality leads which can become clients in the coming time. Lead scraping is completely transparent so you will get benefits from it. Consider its benefits and it will be your widespread tool to attract thousands of clients.

Need high-quality data to make lead generation? Contact Actowiz Solutions now and we'll assist you generate extra business leads to help convert those into customers. Reach us also for your mobile app scraping and web scraping services requirements.