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Price Intelligence is helping web data to get superior pricing, marketing, as well as business decisions. Fundamentally, it is about using the accessible data for optimizing your pricing strategies, making that more competitive, better profitability, and improving the business performance.

From competitor’s monitoring to MAP monitoring and dynamic pricing, web scraped pricing data is having endless uses. Different brands as well as e-commerce companies utilize pricing data for monitoring the overall market view. Dynamic pricing could be used for making automatic pricing decisions depending on competitor’s data together with internal data in order that you always continue to be profitable. MAP (Minimum Advertising Price) Monitoring is a method, which utilizes web scraped data to make sure partners and resellers are maintaining pricing as per the company’s policies.

The data could only be correctly aggregated to useful extent in case produced in quantities larger for manual inputs, as well as data scraping has become the best-practices across the world’s public-facing businesses.

Let’s go through the important FAQs about Price Intelligence:

Q: While Monitoring the Prices, How Do You Analyze Promotional Codes? How Do You Apply Extra Promotional Codes Automatically, Which Could be Applied to Selling Prices as Given on a Listing Page?

A: It differs from one website to another however, the normal idea is finding the pages whereas those promotion codes are accessible as well as create the logic of getting the code as well as applying it (click a button or send an AJAX request) in the extraction code.

Q: How Do You Find and Work on Invalid Pricing, Which a Few Websites Deliberately Showcase to Obscure Pricing Intelligence Efforts?

A: Websites show wrong pricing data whenever they find you scraping frequently. This particularly happens when you try to scale - i.e. extract many products frequently. Invalid pricing is not effortlessly recognizable, however, comparing the pricing or other data fields using previously scraped data as well as manually checking in case, there is a huge difference in scraped data can assist.

A long-term solution for that might be to be cleverer about how to scale as well as be more sympathetic about different proxy solutions used.

Q: How Do You Ensure that the Data You Extract is Precise?

A: Extracting precise data is about getting a dependable quality assurance procedure. The initial step towards the procedure is to get a precise JSON schema. The QA procedure requires to be a well-balanced combination of auto ways to test data in manual ways. This blog gives a full description about data validation methods.

Q: Which are the Tests in Extracting Prices from Websites, Which are heavy in JavaScript?

A: For JavaScript heavier websites, the easiest way might be to examine the website as well as observe if that utilizes any hidden APIs, which have data in the JSON or other easy formats. That’s how, you can find data without JavaScript execution.

Though, at times, it might not work. Here, you will require to execute JavaScript with a headless browser including Puppeteer or Selenium or Splash. The challenge is, it will use more sources making the procedure classier.

Q: How Will You Match Products across Different Websites?

A: Many ways are there to organize product matching. The key idea might be to collect maximum product-centric parameters possible about a product, which you wish to match as well as compare the parameters.

For example, for a TV, product-centric parameters include weight, sound, resolution, etc. In case, with comparison, about 90% of parameters about any two products are similar, there is more chance that this is a same product in two websites.

You could create different models on this concept for identifying product duplication.

In case, you have more queries or questions on Price Intelligence Web Extraction, you can contact Actowiz anytime and we will solve all your problems.

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