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AliExpress: A E-Commerce Powerhouse Comparable to eBay

In the expansive realm of e-commerce, AliExpress stands tall as one of the giants, sharing resemblances with the renowned eBay. As a bridge between small businesses in China, Singapore and global buyers, AliExpress has solidified its presence on the global stage.

Boasting an extensive catalog housing over 100 million products, AliExpress is not merely a contender but a formidable competitor in its own right. As it navigates the intricate landscape of e-commerce, AliExpress finds itself in a league where it competes head-to-head with the likes of Amazon.

The Motivation Behind Crawling AliExpress/Oberlo


The allure of crawling AliExpress/Oberlo lies in its colossal product catalog enriched with millions of invaluable buyer reviews. This treasure trove of data encompasses product prices, descriptions, images, videos, and candid feedback. The potential that lies within this data is vast and multifaceted.

From facilitating comprehensive price comparisons to delving into text analytics for reviews, AliExpress/Oberlo data is a robust foundation for many analyses. This wealth of information can fuel market research endeavors and even pave the way for uncovering new products ripe for discovery. Crawling AliExpress/Oberlo opens doors to a realm of insights that can inform strategic decisions across various domains.

Navigating AliExpress/Oberlo Data Extraction


Embarking on the journey of extracting data from AliExpress/Oberlo can present challenges, particularly if you need more resources and a workforce for large-scale web scraping endeavors. In such instances, a strategic solution is to explore outsourcing your AliExpress/Oberlo data needs to a proficient and dedicated data provider.

Actowiz Solutions emerges as a reliable ally in this pursuit. As a fully-managed entity, we offer an encompassing solution to cater to your data requirements from AliExpress/Oberlo. Our services span the entire spectrum, ensuring seamless data delivery from start to finish. Entrust your data needs to Actowiz Solutions and experience the efficiency and expertise that streamlines your data extraction journey.

Comprehensive Array of Extractable Data Fields from AliExpress/Oberlo


When delving into the realm of data extraction from AliExpress/Oberlo, many valuable data fields await exploration. Here's a glimpse into the diverse range of information that can be harnessed:

  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Product Link
  • Ratings
  • Orders
  • Shipping Charges
  • Seller Contact Link
  • Store Name

Unveiling these data fields empowers you to glean essential insights, laying the foundation for informed decisions and strategic endeavors within the dynamic landscape of e-commerce.

Use Cases of Scraping Aliexpress/Oberlo

Extracting Product Data from Aliexpress/Oberlo

Obtaining images and product descriptions for your e-commerce platform can be a pressing need. To streamline this process, consider utilizing our ecommerce data collection services. With our expertise, you can efficiently gather a comprehensive range of product-related information, including images and descriptions, enabling you to enhance your e-commerce offerings and provide an engaging shopping experience for your customers. To streamline this process, consider utilizing our ecommerce data collection services. With our expertise, you can efficiently gather a comprehensive range of product-related information, including images and descriptions, enabling you to enhance your e-commerce offerings and provide an engaging shopping experience for your customers. However, the challenge arises when these resources are scattered across various manufacturers. Manually collating these elements through copy-pasting is not only time-consuming but also inefficient.

Relying on manufacturers to furnish this information might not align with your time-sensitive requirements. The waiting game could potentially result in a loss of valuable time that could be better invested elsewhere.

By harnessing the capabilities of Actowiz Solutions, you can circumvent the waiting game and effortlessly acquire the images and data you need. Our solution swiftly empowers you to scrape the required information, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Competitor Monitoring Made Effortless

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, keeping a vigilant eye on your competitors is paramount. The intricacies of pricing strategies hinge on how your competitors navigate their pricing landscape. However, when numerous competitors flaunt diverse products across numerous pages, resorting to manual copy-and-paste tactics becomes impractical.

Enter Actowiz Solutions, the catalyst that streamlines this process. You can instantaneously extract pertinent price-related data from your competitors' websites through our platform. This empowers you to embark on real-time tracking, ensuring you're always in the loop about their latest moves.

Our solution lets you meticulously monitor every facet of their strategy, including discounts and more. With this invaluable information, you can seamlessly align your approach and strategies, ensuring your e-commerce journey remains competitive and well-informed.

Effortless Product Data Extraction from Specific Category Listings

The quest for product data from distinct listing pages, be it "by search keywords," "top brands," or other specialized categories, demands a comprehensive tool. This tool should seamlessly gather product data across categories such as top brands, search keywords, main categories, and subcategories.

Manually scouring for data and copying it categorically or product by product is impractical and time-intensive. The feasibility of such an approach slowly diminishes.

Enter Actowiz Solutions, the transformative solution to simplify your endeavors. With our platform, you can effortlessly retrieve many product data from diverse categories. Whether you're dealing with AliExpress or Oberlo, our automated approach makes scraping product data effortless. To streamline your data extraction from AliExpress, consider utilizing our specialized AliExpress Product Data Scraping services. With our expertise, you can efficiently extract a wide range of product-related information from AliExpress, enabling you to stay competitive, make informed decisions, and optimize your offerings in the e-commerce landscape.

Empower yourself with the ability to access product data seamlessly across various categories and free yourself from the constraints of manual extraction. Actowiz Solutions is your gateway to streamlining this process and optimizing your operations.

App Scraping for Aliexpress/Oberlo

Uncover Insights Experience the power of app scraping services tailored for Aliexpress and Oberlo. Seamlessly extract valuable data insights from these platforms to elevate your brand's value analysis. Whether you're navigating the restaurant, telecom, or IT sectors, our services are designed to understand your brand's standing comprehensively.

Catering to both iOS and Android app developers, our mobile data app scraping services are a game-changer. Gain a profound understanding of the data that fuels mobile apps, enabling you to make informed decisions. With a focus on app location, we bring you a solution that scrapes mobile apps efficiently, extracting precise data that encompasses potential customer apps.

With Actowiz Solutions, harness the potential of app scraping to unlock crucial insights and pave the way for strategic growth in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. Our specialized ecommerce data scraping services empower businesses to extract valuable information from various apps, enabling you to stay ahead of market trends, optimize offerings, and make informed decisions that drive your e-commerce success.

AliExpress is one of the biggest giants in the e-commerce industry which has similarities with eBay. AliExpress is connecting small businesses in China and other locations such as Singapore with buyers across the globe. With over 100 million products in its catalog, they are now competing with Amazon.

Why Opt for Actowiz Solutions for Extracting AliExpress/Oberlo Data?

Profound Expertise

Backed by extensive years of web scraping experience, Actowiz Solutions boasts a robust technical foundation and domain knowledge that can adeptly tackle intricate web data extraction demands. Even if your needs involve extracting millions of records daily from dynamic websites, we're fully equipped to manage it seamlessly.

Dedicated Assistance

At Actowiz Solutions, we uphold stringent SLAs and consistently exceed our commitments outlined in agreements. It's no surprise that some of our clients have remained steadfast partners for over half a decade. Our team of devoted support experts and success managers ensures you derive optimal value from web data.

Tailored Adaptability

We comprehend the unique essence of every web scraping endeavor. Recognizing that each project requires tailored attention and crawler customization to align with clients' specific requirements, we've fine-tuned numerous projects to extract AliExpress/Oberlo data as per precise mandates meticulously.

End-to-End Management

With Actowiz Solutions, you benefit from a comprehensive web crawling service that seamlessly spans from constructing and maintaining crawlers (even amidst site structural changes) to data cleansing, normalization, and quality maintenance. Our end-to-end approach ensures your data needs are thoroughly attended to.

Meticulous Quality Control

Before delivering data to clients, Actowiz Solutions uses meticulous deduplication, normalization, and double-checking to eliminate errors. The data pipeline, honed through extensive process optimization over the years, is a reliable and steadfast component of our service.

Seamless Web Data Fusion

Our prowess extends beyond efficient web data crawling. Actowiz Solutions offers REST-API integration and direct data delivery to your chosen database, enabling swift web data integration into your existing workflow. This streamlined approach empowers your team to work with web data without the burden of maintenance concerns.

Unveiling the Actowiz Solutions Scraping Process

  • Submit Your Requirements: Initiate the process by sharing your project particulars, including the target site (such as AliExpress/Oberlo), the specific data fields you seek, the crawling frequency, and the preferred file format.
  • Validate the Sample: We provide a sample data set upon receiving your requirements. This sample serves as a validation checkpoint, allowing you to verify the accuracy and suitability of the data fields included.
  • Initiate Web Scraping: We will configure the crawler setup with your validation in place. This pivotal step marks the commencement of the web scraping project. The setup is fine-tuned to ensure precise extraction aligned with your unique needs.
  • Data Upload and Delivery: As the scraping process unfolds, we diligently extract the data per your specifications. Once complete, we upload and deliver the data to you, ready for integration and analysis.

Suppose you're searching for a web data extraction solution that seamlessly adapts to custom requirements, coupled with an organization that recognizes the transformative potential of web data in propelling business growth. In that case, Actowiz Solutions stands ready to collaborate. Reach out to us to embark on a journey of unlocking unparalleled insights and opportunities through web data. You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping, instant data scraper and web scraping service requirements.


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