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Many marketers and developers depend on manual research techniques like Googling for user preferences and research trends. Although, these techniques are often exhausting and time-consuming, particularly when you’re ready to work.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way of learning more about the industry — using app stores data scraping like Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Scraping app store data will help you know what makes the industry work, what the customers want, and what boosts the conversion rates.

What Is App Stores Data Scraping?


App store scraping is a well-organized way of collecting data from app stores in one database or spreadsheet. Rather than getting employees to collect app names, prices, ratings, descriptions, and reviews, app store data scrapers automatically scrape data from app stores and collect it in your database or spreadsheet. It means that they can gather more information within seconds than a person can do in hours!

Here’s a classification of how an app store scraper works:

Users program an app store scraper using parameters to limit the apps, including industry keywords, total reviews, and publication date.

A scraping bot utilizes these parameters for locating apps to scrape data.

A scraper collects relevant data from the app store and saves that into a spreadsheet or database.

Why Should You Scrape App Store Reviews?


Companies extract app store data for many reasons, like getting a superior understanding of what the customers want and collecting data for upcoming projects. Let’s see the key reasons for scraping app store data:

Better knowledge about what customers want

If you get an app with thousands of reviews, extracting it can give you a superior grasp of what users say about it.

As app stores provide rating breakdowns, understanding how many users have given you five-star ratings versus one-star ratings isn’t sufficient. You must understand what users say in the reviews to know their requirements.

To analyze these reviews, you require a scraping solution for scraping reviews in a spreadsheet or database for more analysis. Then, you can utilize advanced data analytics methods to derive more data insights.

Data collection for future apps

Our app store scraper can help you collect data for future apps. According to the loaded parameters, your data scraper can provide you with the following data about the latest mobile games:

  • Title
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Price

Then, you can utilize this data to develop a good concept and name for the game. The extracted reviews, ratings, and price data will help you recognize what will appeal to your targeted audiences.

Latest trends

Finally, you can utilize an app store data scraper to observe what’s trending in the industry. Understanding what’s popular would help you get superior keywords, ideas, and links for your services and site.

What to Think About Before Extracting App Store Reviews?


Before scraping data, you must think about what you need to extract. Precisely, it would help if you considered the following:

Targeted app store pages: What niche or industry are your selected app store pages from? What do you want? Do they fit your requirements? For example, you must scrape photography app data to collect trending links and keywords for photography websites and apps. Or else you won’t get applicable information.

App store page popularity: If your selected apps only get a few reviews, they might not be worth the time spent. Instead, extract popular apps which have over a thousand thoughts. These app ratings and reviews will provide a clear idea of what customers need and how this industry works.

That’s the reason why you should hire Actowiz Solutions. Actowiz Solutions is a powerful digital marketing solution that anybody can utilize to scrape essential data from app stores.

How to Scrape Data with a Python Apps Store Scraper?


Now you understand what to think about before extracting app store reviews, so let’s discover how to find data from the app store API using Python.

1. Find app IDs and names

The initial step of app stores Python scraping is locating the IDs and names of apps you need to extract.

The name is situated at the top of a page, whereas an app ID trails “id=” (for Android apps) or “id” (for Apple apps).

2. Installing and importing applicable packages

Then, open Python and utilize a “pip install” command to install and import everything you want. It includes:

“App_store_scraper” packages to scrape app stores reviews

“Pandas” for scraping reviews within data frames

“Numpy” to do data transformation

3. Running the command

It’s time to run a command. The data scraper will begin scraping data and save it from app stores in JSON format.

4. Format change

Convert JSON data to pandas.DataFrame is a two-dimensional, size- mutable, and tabular data format that you can convert into a spreadsheet or database.

5. Saving data in CSV

Lastly, by saving the file in CSV format, you can import the CSV file into a database or spreadsheet program to do further analysis.

We Make App Store Python Data Scraping Easy!

App store scraping could be complicated, mainly if you don’t understand how to do coding. Even easy Python scrapers need you to know how to install and import packages, transform data, and run commands.

That’s where Actowiz Solutions has a role to play. Unlike other scraping platforms, Actowiz Solutions doesn’t need any programming skills. You must provide the URL to scrape, fix the scraping sequence, and click “Start.” You’ll have a spreadsheet or database with the scraped data within a few seconds.

Moreover, we provide a simple price structure without any subscriptions or hidden fees. For more information, contact Actowiz Solutions now!

You can also contact us for all your mobile app scraping and web scraping services requirements.


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