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What is the total number of Zara stores in Germany?

As of March 23, 2024, Germany hosts a total of 64 Zara stores, with North Rhine-Westphalia boasting the highest concentration at 15 outlets, representing approximately 23% of the country's Zara locations.

This data underscores Zara's significant presence in the German retail landscape.

For businesses or individuals interested in leveraging this information for market analysis or strategic planning, Zara store locations scraping can provide valuable insights into consumer demographics, competitive positioning, and potential expansion opportunities.

To scrape Zara stores in Germany to gather such data enables efficient and comprehensive research for informed decision-making in the retail sector.


How to Download a Zara stores listing in Germany in Excel?

Access the comprehensive dataset containing 64 Zara locations in Germany, downloadable as an Excel file. This dataset includes geo-coded addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours for each store, available for download from our data store.

Top 10 German Federal States with the Highest Number of Zara Stores

North Rhine-Westphalia

13 (21%)

With approximately one Zara store per 1,270,328 individuals, North Rhine-Westphalia boasts around 21% of the total Zara store count.


11 (17%)

Bavaria features approximately one Zara store for every 1,084,000 residents, comprising roughly 17% of the overall Zara store count.


7 (10%)

In Hesse, there's approximately one Zara store for every 775,514 inhabitants, making up approximately 10% of the total Zara store count.

Top-German-Federal-States-with-the-Highest-Number-of-Zara-Stores Top-German-Federal-States-with-the-Highest-Number-of-Zara-Stores-02

Zara stores are present in 13 out of the 16 federal states in Germany. The federal states without any Zara stores are Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg, totaling two regions without Zara presence.


Download the Whole Database Using Zara Locations Data Scraping

Access the comprehensive database of Zara locations in Germany for download. Here's a sample of 10 randomly selected records showcasing the fields and data available for analysis from our data store.

Buy Complete Datasets

Name Street City State Zip Code Phone Latitude Longitude Address Country Last Updated Date
Rhein Center Koln-Weiden Aachener Strasse 1253 Köln NW 50858 0800 1012200 50.938203 6.833968 Aachener Strasse 1253, 50858 Köln Germany 2024-03-07
Zara Köln Schildergasse 94-96a Köln NW 50667 0800 1012200 50.936597 6.950907 Schildergasse 94-96a, 50667 Köln Germany 2024-03-07
Aquis Plaza Adalbertstrasse 100 Aachen NW 52062 0800 1012200 50.775238 6.088679 Adalbertstrasse 100, 52062 Aachen Germany 2024-03-07
Sieg Carre Am Bahnhof 7-41 Siegen NW 57072 0800 1012200 50.875487 8.017294 Am Bahnhof 7-41, 57072 Siegen Germany 2024-03-07
Zara Oldenburg Lange Strasse 67-69 Oldenburg NI 26122 0800 1012200 53.14130726 8.21322454 Lange Strasse 67-69, 26122 Oldenburg Germany 2024-03-07
Zara Hannover Grosse Packhofstrasse 1 Hannover NI 30159 0800 1012200 52.373569 9.737234 Grosse Packhofstrasse 1, 30159 Hannover Germany 2024-03-07
Zara Braunschweig Damm 16-17 Braunschweig NI 38100 0800 1012200 52.262852 10.524323 Damm 16-17, 38100 Braunschweig Germany 2024-03-07
Zara Osnabrück Grosse Strasse 84 Osnabrück NI 49074 0800 1012200 52.274105 8.047614 Grosse Strasse 84, 49074 Osnabrück Germany 2024-03-07
Mall Of Berlin Leipziger Platz 12-13 Berlin BE 10117 0800 1012200 52.510025 13.379599 Leipziger Platz 12-13, 10117 Berlin Germany 2024-03-07
Ettlinger Tor Karl-Friedrich-Strasse 26 Karlsruhe BW 76133 0800 1012200 49.00716473 8.40188054 Karl-Friedrich-Strasse 26, 76133 Karlsruhe Germany 2024-03-07

* Open hours are not displayed here due to space constraints. However, you can access the full list of Zara locations in Germany, including open hours, by downloading the database from our data store.

Download Data in All Formats

We offer our datasets in Excel or CSV format. If you require the POI dataset in Esri Shapefile, JSON, KML (Google Earth), GeoJSON, or any other custom format, please reach out to us. Additional charges may apply per format.

Why Actowiz Solutions

Our company specializes in providing comprehensive Zara store location data scraping services in Germany. Using advanced Zara data scraping services, we extract detailed information about Zara store locations across the country.

Our scraping process ensures the retrieval of accurate and up-to-date data, covering every Zara outlet in Germany. Whether you need to scrape Zara locations in Germany for market research, competitor analysis, or strategic planning, our services cater to your specific requirements.

We offer efficient Zara locations data scraping solutions for businesses and researchers seeking valuable insights into Zara's retail footprint in Germany.

With our expertise, we extract Zara locations in Germany to ensure that you receive detailed information such as store addresses, contact numbers, and operational hours.

Additionally, we scrape Zara stores in Germany data in formats like Excel, CSV, JSON, and more, enabling seamless integration into your analysis tools or databases.

Partner with us for reliable Zara store location scraping services to extract Zara stores in Germany to meet your data needs effectively and efficiently.

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