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Customer review scraping could be an essential source about e- commerce web scraping, providing detailed information that can help you do complete sentiment analysis and do decision-making about marketing.

Customer reviews data can be quantitative with ratings and qualitative having user-generated comments. By collecting both parts, you can take benefit from a database of review data, which you can aggregate, compare, and filter in different ways.

With this blog, we'll explain the importance of customer reviews, how to scrape content from customer review sites, how to review data can charge your e-marketing, and which legal considerations you should remember.

What is the Importance of Customer Reviews?


A customer review is critical for several reasons. Customer reviews are a feedback resource for businesses that provide services and goods; therefore, you can find areas for advancement. However, it's not as straightforward as it looks.

For an accurate customer sentiment overview, you need complete data. New reviews are posted continuously, and that’s why you require the following:

  • Transparent and ultimately aggregated consumer review data
  • Constant real-time data scraping of original review data
  • Data scraper proxies to cope with different geo-blocks

Aggregated consumer review data will help you make an overview about your operations overall. If any specific product continuously gets inferior ratings, you might stop stocking it or replace it with an improved or alternative version.

If any rates poorly, it can be a signal that you must re-train the included staff in offering the services or return towards drawing board to redesign the behind-the-scenes procedures.

Scraping Customer Reviews - The Requirement


By aggregating various reviews, and possibly extracting many third-party consumer review sites, you can make a database that helps you serve the client base better.

Match Similar and Correct Products in the Real-Time

Rather than relying retroactively on all negative reviews and losing revenues about refunds and saving credit, you can proactively act to anticipate areas where clients are projected to leave low ratings and stop it from proceeding.

Not all customer reviews turn negative, and by scraping customer reviews broadly, you also benefit from watching the portions of your business that are doing great. You can use the "If something isn’t broken, don't fix that" principle while highlighting the best practices you can use elsewhere in the business.

While taking the maximum time and effort, it yields the most horrible results. You can leave with insufficient data, undesired page elements like advertisements, and other clutters copied from page headers.

Review data extraction tools solve these problems, quickening the procedure while delivering superior results - so let’s discuss the options:

Scraping of Customer Review Websites


Scraping customer review data is not as easy as copying and pasting content from the sites. You need comprehensive review data with all the required contextual details to know numerical ratings with written reviews.

Manual customer reviews scraping is challenging and time- consuming. You might need to complete different CAPTCHA checks to access the reviews, and you can even let your IP be blocked in case the server finds you making unusual page requests.

Review data scraping tools can assist you somewhat, and Actowiz Solutions can offer customer reviews data scraper tools if you wish to adopt the DIY approach. Our web scraping tools are designed to attain the highest success without falling foul of the IP blocks with common pitfalls.

To get complete data coverage or a clear and well-organized database that is easy to sort, filter, or analyze in detail, our expert data scraping services provide you with everything you want with the knowledge that we can stick to higher standards.

What are the Advantages of E-Commerce Customer Review Data Scraping?


Customer review web scraping has wide-ranging advantages for different kinds of websites, and it is helpful for e-commerce operatives in different ways:

  • Analyze competitors’ reviews to see what they do better
  • Determine high-rated products to add to the e-commerce website to increase revenues
  • Gather quantitative and qualitative data about own services and goods
  • Observe what customers say about you about third-party review sites
  • Recognize best-sellers in terms of sentiments and areas of improvement

Real-time customer reviews monitoring is very important. You can observe emerging trends when they develop to lead the market and store trending products before the competitors first get them.


Customer reviews are given on websites across the globe every second and every day, making complete coverage the challenge within itself. Capitalizing customer review data helps you know what people say about you, your products or services, and your competitors in real-time. It can help you drive product development or marketing efforts by proficiently using tools that help extract customer reviews.

Scraping Customer Reviews – The Legal Viewpoint


If you wish to aggregate customer review data from third-party review websites, you may not consider the legal concerns. However, there are many viewpoints to consider, including compliance with the personal data laws about whether you want to accept a website’s terms & conditions.

Whenever you ask about Actowiz Solutions' web scraping services, we will analyze your project and inform you in case of any legal concerns. This helps us proactively work together to ensure we have designed a responsible data scraping campaign for you.

How to Use Customer Reviews Data?

At Actowiz Solutions, we assist our customers in using review data that fits their data and business needs. Use our data scraping services and tools to easily access reliable and dependable customer review data.

Still not sure which solution is best for you? Contact us to discover how we can assist you in extracting customer review data. Reach us for all your mobile app scraping and web scraping services requirements.

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