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This blog explores various techniques to scrape Google Reviews data efficiently. Implementing these methods allows you to seamlessly export Google reviews to formats like Excel, making the information more accessible and convenient for analysis and other purposes.

There are three different approaches for scraping Google Reviews:

  • Manual scraping with Python or JavaScript involves writing custom code in Python or JavaScript to scrape Google Maps reviews programmatically.
  • Actowiz Solutions' Google Review Scraper (no-code tool): Actowiz Solutions provides a user-friendly, no-code tool designed explicitly for scraping Google Reviews. Users can employ this tool without the need for coding knowledge.
  • Google Reviews Scraper API by Actowiz Solutions: Actowiz Solutions offers an API designed explicitly for scraping Google Reviews. Developers can use this API to access and retrieve Google Reviews programmatically without building the scraping infrastructure from scratch.

Each method provides flexibility and ease of use, catering to users with varying technical expertise and requirements.

Build a Google Review Scraper Using JavaScript or to Scrape Data

In this section, we will demonstrate how to scrape Google Reviews using either Python or JavaScript by leveraging the browser automation framework called Playwright. This approach offers the advantage of bypassing common scraping blocks that are often implemented to prevent automated data extraction. However, it is important to have a good understanding of the Playwright API to effectively implement this method.

Alternatively, you can build a Google Maps scraper using Python libraries such as Requests, LXML, or Beautiful Soup. However, bypassing anti-scraping mechanisms in this manner can be challenging and is beyond the scope of this article.

Here are the steps to scrape Google Maps data using Playwright:

Step 1: Select your preferred programming language from either Python or JavaScript.

Step 2: Install the Playwright framework for your chosen language.


npm install playwright@latest


Step 3: Utilize the Playwright API to write code that emulates browser behavior and extracts the desired data from Google Maps. Below is an example of how you can achieve this:

Step-3 Step-4

Learn how to utilize the Playwright library in Python and JavaScript to scrape reviews of the Burj Khalifa from Google with confidence. Two crucial functions must be utilized for this task:

1. The "run" function: This function uses a Playwright instance to scrape the reviews. It opens the Chromium browser, directs to Google, enters your search query, then clicks on search key, and awaits the results to display on the page. It then calls the "extract_details" function to extract the review details and saves the data in a "google_reviews.json" file.

2. The "extract_data" function: This function works with a Playwright page as input as well as returns a listing of dictionaries having restaurant details like title, rating, address, review count, and phone.

To execute the "run" function, utilize a "async_playwright" context manager of the primary functions. A JSON file having the listing of a Google Maps script would be created. Follow the guidelines and use the information wisely. With this knowledge, you can confidently scrape reviews and gather valuable insights.

Step 4: Execute the code and gather the extracted data using Google Maps.

(Note: The xpaths provided in this tutorial might vary depending on the region from which Google Maps is accessed. Different regions can have dynamically rendered xpaths.)

Once you have written the code using Playwright in Python or JavaScript, you can run the script to initiate the scraping process. The code will automate the browser to navigate to Google Maps, perform a search, and load the reviews.

To collect the scraped data, the extract_data function, which you defined earlier, will extract the review details, such as the title, rating, address, review count, and phone. For further analysis, you can then store this data in a structured format, such as a JSON file.

Please handle any potential errors and implement appropriate waiting times to avoid overloading Google's servers and comply with their terms of service.

Using the No-Code Google Reviews Scraper by Actowiz Solutions

The Google Reviews Scraper by Actowiz Solutions offers a user-friendly and convenient method for scraping reviews from Google without the need for coding skills. Here's a step-by-step guide to set up and use the scraper:

1. Sign up or log in to your Actowiz Solutions account.

2. Navigate to the Google Reviews scraper by Actowiz Solutions in the marketplace.

3. Add the scraper to your account. Make sure to verify your email if you haven't already done so.

4. To begin scraping, you'll need to add the Google Reviews URL for a specific business or place. If it's a single query, simply enter it in the designated field and choose the number of pages you want to scrape.

5. You can obtain the Google Reviews URL from either the Google Maps search results page or the regular Google search page.

6. For scraping results for multiple queries, switch to Advanced Mode. In the Input tab, add the Google Reviews URLs to the SearchQuery field and save the settings.

7. To initiate the scraping process, click on the "Gather Data" button.

8. The data scraper will begin collecting data for queries, and you could track its development under Jobs tab.

9. Once the scraping process is complete, you can see or download the data from the same tab.

10. If you wish to export the Google Reviews data to an Excel spreadsheet, click on the "Download Data" option, select "Excel," and open a downloaded file through Microsoft Excel.

Using the Google Reviews Scraper API by Actowiz Solutions

The Google Reviews Scraper API by Actowiz Solutions offers a straightforward method for extracting user reviews from Google without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Here's a step-by-step guide to configure and utilize the API:

1. Sign up or log in to your Actowiz Solutions account.

2. Visit the Google Reviews scraper API by Actowiz Solutions in the marketplace.

3. Click on the "Subscribe" button.

4. Please note that this is a paid API, so you'll need to choose and subscribe to one of the available plans to access and use the API.

5. Once you have subscribed to a plan, proceed to the "Documentation" tab, where you will find all the necessary steps and information to integrate the API into your application.

The Actowiz Solutions Google Reviews Scraper API simplifies the process of obtaining valuable review data from Google, making it accessible to users with limited technical expertise. By following these steps and integrating the API into your application, you can easily retrieve and leverage Google Reviews data for your business needs.

Google Reviews Data Use Cases

Here are some valuable use cases where scraping Google reviews can provide helpful data:

Business Reputation Management: Google reviews offer crucial insights into customers' perceptions of products and services. By analyzing reviews, businesses can manage their reputation effectively, identify areas for improvement, and gauge customer satisfaction levels.

Competitor Analysis: Reviewing data from competitors can give businesses a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape. This information helps inform strategic decisions and allows companies to stay ahead in their industry.

Product Development: Leveraging review data for products or services allows businesses to identify strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge helps refine and tailor offerings to meet customer demands more effectively.

Marketing Strategies: Using review data empowers organizations to craft targeted marketing strategies. Businesses can optimize their messaging by understanding customer sentiments and preferences, leading to more impactful marketing campaigns.

Customer Insights: Review data provides valuable insights into customer experiences and preferences. Organizations can use this information to understand how well their products or services meet customer needs and expectations.


In summary, scraping Google reviews yields valuable data that can drive informed decisions across various aspects of a business, including reputation management, competitor analysis, product development, marketing, and customer insights. It allows businesses to gain a competitive edge by effectively understanding and catering to their customers' needs. For more details, contact Actowiz Solutions now! You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping, instant data scraper and web scraping service requirements.


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