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As per the recent ‘Sprout Social,’ over 70% of executives utilize social media data in everyday business decision-making.

In this blog, we’ll analyze the top 5 maximum scraped social media websites to understand the data landscape better and what that offers to businesses.


How to Find Appropriate Social Media Data for Business?

As businesses progressively turn into data-driven marketing, the burden is on them to find innovative and new ways of collecting data. Social media is an enriched customer data source, but accessing that cannot be accessible at scale. Most social media platforms offer APIs that work wonderfully well for restricted use cases. These APIs are useless for large-scale research or market objectives.

Web scraping is the procedure of automatically scraping data from different websites. That’s where scraping web data has a role to play. There are many web scraping approaches that get divided between Selenium, Node.JS, DIY programming with Python, and other coding libraries on a side, and SaaS platforms that provide solutions for collecting social media data with no need to do coding, composite infrastructure, or data scientists.


Which Social Media Platforms Data Should You Use to Scrape Data First?

Social media has quickly evolved in the last decade. Many social media platforms are available today. It could be mystifying for SMBs or enterprises that don’t get larger BI or data analytics departments to select which social media platform they will concentrate on. Not all are equally important for all types of businesses.

Fortunately, we have access to a few never-before-published statistics from a top web data provider (we won’t disclose the company name), which agreed to assist us.

Using some parameters, we have a better perceptive about where intelligent companies (or your competitors) are sourcing most social media data and assume the data point types are most often scraped.

Top Social Media Business Data Sources As Per Stats from January 2020 Onwards

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most extensive professional social network in the world, having more than 830 million users in over 200 territories and countries (as per LinkedIn’s About Page). It’s an essential platform for businesses that want to attach with potential partners and customers.

LinkedIn’s company page information is generally utilized for lead generation, sales intelligence, company investor evaluation, and market research. This platform contains essential information about individual professionals, like their working history, skills, career development, and connections, making data an excellent source for job listing directories and HR reconnaissance enterprises. All these make that a perfect target for web scraping.

A graph shows web scraping bandwidth from LinkedIn in the last 12 months (entirely on the source’s web platform). The recurrent dips in the bandwidth indicate LinkedIn algorithm changes, rendering a few scraping tools impractical until they are modified to cope with new page structure and different anti-bot measures.


2. Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social networking platform in the world, having more than 2.5 billion active users. Facebook is a potent tool for businesses that want to reach a larger audience using targeted advertising.

This platform provides a wealth of user data, including demographics, interests, and social connections. You can use Facebook data for different objectives, including targeted advertising, customer segmentation, and brand sentiment analysis. One more popular data resource is Facebook public groups that allow researching specific content topics. Remember that certain kinds of Facebook data are not publicly available (e.g., marketplace categories or private groups) and are not extracted by companies that follow ethical standard data collection.

In the given graph, you can see that businesses find Facebook helpful in scraping equal to 3.5 TB from that in one day!


3. Twitter

Twitter is the leading microblogging platform having more than 321 million active users. Twitter is a vital business tool for connecting with customers and creating brand awareness.

Twitter data can be utilized for marketing research, customer service, and trend analysis. This platform gives real-time insights into what people talk about, making that a useful source for content marketing platforms and businesses.

There are different well-known Twitter scrapers accessible. The majority of frequently used include scrapers that scrape Twitter post data(likes, retweets, comments,) hashtags (various posts under a particular hashtag), and Twitter users’ profiles’ public data(posts, bio, followers, etc.)


4. Instagram

Instagram is the essential live story and photo-sharing video app provided by Meta, having more than 1 billion active users. Instagram is a prevalent stage for businesses that want to create a visual brand identity and attach with possible customers using influencers and brand ambassadors.

Instagram data can be utilized for different objectives like influencer scouting, marketing research, targeted advertising, and brand sentiment analysis. Instagram contains a treasure of user data, including social connections, interests, and demographics.

The graph here shows that although it can’t assert extracting volume spikes as sharp as Facebook and LinkedIn, it shows steady and healthy growth.


5. TikTok

TikTok is a short-form video application with more than 500 million active users. TikTok is a prevalent stage for businesses that want to reach an engaged and young audience; however, studies indicate that the average user age is continuously rising because content has become more distinct.

TikTok data can be utilized correspondingly to Instagram for trend analysis, targeted advertising, and marketing research. Although TikTok provides its top content creators with excellent opportunities than Instagram, many genres and creators are exclusive to TikTok. In addition, the reason for offering essential insights about how people interrelate with influencers and brands, TikTok is usually extracted for media — and different content aggregators extract video files from TikTok to cross-post on YouTube as well as other channels.


Some Other Important Resources of Social Media Data

  • Reddit
  • Snapchat
  • Tumblr

These are only a few examples of the data types which can be extracted from different social media platforms. To get the maximum out of web extraction efforts, it’s crucial to know particular data points which would be most important for business.


So, these are the top five most scraped social media platforms in 2022. Now that you understand where competitors gather data, it’s time to create a strategy for staying ahead of the competition! Do you know how to do that? If not, then we would like to help you anytime! Just reach out to Actowiz Solutions now!

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