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As a seller, your journey should only move towards growth, and you should always chase your goals. Once you achieve one goal, you should make another and set the best step forward. You can get many objectives like increasing lead generation, ROI, or website traffic. However, how will you evaluate how closely you have reached the goals? Let’s understand competitors’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

KPIs – The Meaning

KPIs are assessable data points or factors that every business produces daily. However, from an intensive perception, KPIs have precisely chosen data points applicable to developing a purpose.

You begin with reviewing your existing ROI. For instance, your objective is to advance your ROI. Consequently, you will create campaigns and study how it affects your ROI. Therefore, you would look at data categories like lead generation, sales, etc.

These similar factors you utilize to track an objective (an objective having increased ROI) have become KPIs. Therefore, for various plans, you will select different KPIs.

You can utilize multiple KPIs to review the development of a specific project, individual, or department.

Competitors’ KPI Tracking for a Successful Business


The intuitions you get with tracking competitor KPIs are essential to a brand’s decision-making procedure and retail marketing. And that is why it is essential to be precise while choosing them. Let us go through some most important competitor KPIs.

1. Price Tracking

Undoubtedly, money moves within a cycle. With perceiving, you will know this flow well.

Initially, you spend to get customers.

Secondly, you need to spend to maintain these customers.

Finally, you earn once customers purchase from you.

So, your net profits rely on how proficiently you plan. While you start tracking pricing using these KPIs, several things are there to learn. Just remember that you can make changes to your marketing plans, also.

  • Budget: This KPI helps you discover how much competitors are spending. Then, you can make the required changes in your account to participate in them.
  • Costing of Things Sold: Look at money spent in every step, from making to marketing. This procedure will assist you in recognizing problem areas and improving the profit margins. Afterward, it will assist you in decreasing the cost of every step of sales and production.
  • Innovation Spending: The given KPI regulates the superiority they have over you. Next, let the R&D department work and come up with new and innovative ideas.
  • Profits: Make this a verification point for gross and net profits. This step would demonstrate how higher the returns they are having are and allow you to plan your pricing well.
  • Sales By Region: Usually, every area shows various sales trends, and therefore, your targets also differ. This KPI would assist you in targeting underperforming areas providing a competitive edge.
  • The Expenses of Maintaining a Customer: The lower the amount is, the better one’s performance is. It shows how suitable your customers’ products are. Therefore, you can better your effects.

2. Promotion Tracking

While you face cut-throat competition, a persuasive and dynamic promotion approach is necessary. Different kinds of promotional activities assist in achieving other objectives. For example, campaigns could attract new audiences. Moreover, it can support the present customer network.

The most usual of promotional strategies include:

  • Branded Gifts
  • Buy More, Save More
  • Competitions
  • Coupon Giveaways
  • Discounts
  • Flash Sales
  • Free Delivery
  • Holiday Promotions
  • Loyalty Points

There are many things that competitors can assist you with. Primarily, it would help if you verified all means they exploit to reach the masses. They can use several promotional approaches mentioned in the given list. They can organize such campaigns at a certain period during the year. It is essential that you verify whenever they hold these drives.

The best promotion campaign makes a vigorously increasing network of happy customers who bring more customers. So, to best utilize these campaigns, you have to fix the duration of the campaigns virtually. The insights gained using this KPI will come to save you.

You can study more about how much they spend to get one visit to their site or the cost for every visit. In case it’s low, the competitor’s plan is working wonders. So, it provides a head start when searching for an ideal promotion tactic.

The objective is to improve this KPI, so you must spend less. Moreover, this helps in increasing your profit margins. Contrary to this, you could also design some new campaigns from scratch. Just remember the insights obtained from competitors.

To do better, you would need to take one step more. Also, control the promotions offered on both the applications and websites. If you want coupons, see the validity period and how much that offers the buyers.

Branded giveaways are among the most sensical gifts. You could offer them to customers if your contestants are not. If they already follow this trend, you must up the game.

3. Average Rating Statistics

Ratings are a KPI that limited retailers pay attention to. In case customers don’t do similar, how you approve your products brings sad endings.

Bad reviews hurt much more than valuable reviews benefit. The reason is that one satisfied customer attracts other customers, and it makes a peerless network. As per LSA and SOCi’s report, most customers don’t buy a product with lower ratings. Here, 3.5 is the minimum rating that customers can choose.

When you verify the competitor’s reviews and ratings as a KPI, you would learn about the competitor’s weak points. For example, one study may point out high or late delivery costs—all these points you can use to your benefit.

4. Stock Accessibility Tracking


As a seller, it is gainful that you stock stores with products that your customers want. Getting low-performing products will take up significant space and downgrade your perspective.

When looking at the competitor’s inventories, you know two things—initially, the quality they offer and, next, their varieties. Therefore, you should have more sensical varieties if you wish to do better. Furthermore, your quality needs to be at a certain level.

When you provide these better options, you will start getting new customers.

Another vital point of this KPI is the design of a product catalog. These catalogs often appeal to people before they use the actual product. This surprise element works well sometimes. Make efforts to make that attractive by providing promotions and pricing details.

Product variety plays an important role also. A wide variety of the competitor’s stores informs you about them and their customers. To participate well, target underachieving sections in the competitor’s stores. This step would provide you with an advantage from the beginning.

5. MAP Tracking

Today’s consumers have become well aware of the values that retailers represent. Keeping that in mind, retailers and customers want to make a long-lasting relationship.

For a relationship to become decisive, customers also provide importance to connection with morally right retailers. MAP compliance is a KPI that makes a substantial part of the seller’s morals. This safeguards goods against getting exploited or sold at a random price. These are elementary rules which manufacturers put down to maintain their credibility.

When you validate if your competitors adhere to MAP, you, too, learn about priorities—many MAP violators imbalance their playing field for getting sales in n numbers. This issue tells a lot regarding its products’ quality and their relations with manufacturers. However, in most cases, a product’s quality isn’t worth depending on.

To know more about competitor KPIs that a business wants to track, just read this blog’s Part 2.

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