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Imagine the possibilities of setting ChatGPT free to navigate the vastness of the internet. GPT Scraper, coupled with the OpenAI API, enables this dream by harnessing the power of web scraping. Like millions of others worldwide, we have been utilizing ChatGPT to enhance productivity and push the boundaries of its capabilities. Through exhilarating experimentation and delightful surprises, we have embarked on a journey of discovery. Drawing inspiration from our love for gamebooks, roleplaying games, and past involvement in online game design, we have even immersed ourselves in gaming prompts, allowing ChatGPT to join in the adventure. Join us as we unveil the incredible potential of GPT Scraper, where ChatGPT becomes an explorer of the digital realm, ready to delve into uncharted territories.


ChatGPT may not always be a consistent game master, but its freeform world creation capabilities have provided us countless hours of amusement. Together with ChatGPT, we have ventured into thrilling extended zombie apocalypses, embarked on daring James Bond-inspired missions, and immersed ourselves in the enchanting 18th-century Ireland reminiscent of the captivating Kubrick film Barry Lyndon. Additionally, we have joyfully explored a plethora of other spontaneous solo gaming endeavors. And we are not alone in this delightful pursuit.

Now, let's refocus on our work. While ChatGPT proves to be an excellent resource for brainstorming blog posts from different perspectives or generating a quick list of keywords for SEO tools, we often find ourselves daydreaming about the possibilities. What if we could unleash ChatGPT on live web pages without the limitations of traditional search queries from Bing and Bard? The mere thought ignites our imagination and opens up a world of untapped potential.

As the content pipeline manager at Actowiz Solutions, part of my role involves editing and proofreading. With years of experience, we have become skilled at catching most typos, but occasionally, one slips through the cracks. It seems simple to ask ChatGPT to comb through the entire Actowiz Solutions blog, identifying any lingering errors. The ability to ask ChatGPT to explore real websites opens up exciting possibilities. Moreover, ChatGPT can be leveraged to detect images without alt text, suggest improvements to metadata, and even examine code examples. This is just the beginning.

When GPT Scraper was introduced on the Actowiz Solutions Store, we eagerly tried it out and talked with the developer, who had extensive experience with Apifier. GPT Scraper utilizes a two-step process: first, it crawls the website and extracts the data, then feeds it into GPT using the OpenAI API. The scraper employs Playwright to load the pages and converts the content into Markdown, which is then passed on to GPT along with instructions.

Our initial experience was not without hiccups. Those familiar with ChatGPT understand the occasional dead ends and quirks that come with it. In our early attempts, it generated typos, imagined missing images, and occasionally wasted time. However, the results became genuinely valuable with subsequent runs and refined prompts. ChatGPT began spotting readability issues, suggesting code optimizations, and capturing loose ends.

Our next experiment with GPT scraping involved generating reliable FAQs for older posts, complete with appropriate FAQ schema. While ChatGPT could have been more trustworthy in ensuring accurate reflection of content in the FAQ schema, it excelled at generating concise questions and answers and seamlessly integrating them into the schema. While this task can be done manually, Actowiz Solutions embraces automation, and it's always more enjoyable with a digital assistant.

Furthermore, ChatGPT helps examine our and our competitor's blog posts, identifying targeted keywords and even intelligently suggesting subtle SEO opportunities that traditional tools may overlook.

The possibilities that arise from connecting ChatGPT to the internet are genuinely remarkable, empowering us to automate tasks, improve content quality, and gain valuable insights.

3 Use Cases to Enhance Clarity

During our initial exploration of GPT Scraper, we discovered its immense potential. A world of possibilities unfolds by enabling GPT to consume data from real websites. Here are three compelling use cases:

Use Case 1: Review Summarization Utilize GPT Scraper to swiftly analyze and summarize the consensus of reviews for books, movies, products, or games. In mere seconds, you can gain insights into consumer opinions. This proves valuable not only for individuals but also for companies seeking to understand customer sentiment.

Example Prompt: "Analyze the positive reviews of the game on this webpage and generate a concise summary."

Please note that the prompt can be modified based on the specific website or context.

Target URL:

Response: After analyzing the positive reviews of The Great War: Western Front on Steam, it is evident that the game receives high praise for its historical accuracy and meticulous attention to detail. Players enjoy the engaging and challenging gameplay, focusing on strategic elements such as resource management and troop maneuvering. The option to play as the Allied or Central powers adds to the game's appeal. Additionally, players commend the impressive graphics and immersive sound design. Overall, this game is highly recommended for strategy and historical warfare enthusiasts.

Through trial and error, you can establish a replicable workflow to ensure accurate and comprehensive review summarization. However, it's essential to exercise caution and ensure that GPT Scraper has captured all the reviews rather than just a few. Reviewing the log and verifying the scraped data can help confirm this. In some cases, GPT may even notify you if it didn't receive the expected data.

Use Case 2: Product Information Collection

Harness the power of GPT Scraper to extract specific data from web pages based on dynamic prompts that identify valuable information in real time. While traditional web scraping relies on predictable website structures, GPT Scraper, with its natural language instructions, can often identify product descriptions and reviews reliably. This eliminates the need to manually identify CSS selectors that may unexpectedly change or create custom scrapers for each website.

Example Prompt: "Please review each of the listed hot products and provide a concise summary of their product descriptions."

It's worth noting that GPT Scraper's ability to accurately collect product information may vary depending on the website's structure and the specific instructions provided. Iterative testing and refinement can help establish an effective and replicable workflow.

Target URL:

Result (listing just the first five):

  • Gigastone H1 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones: These over-ear headphones offer wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and include a built-in microphone for hands-free communication. The price of these headphones is $38.99.
  • Marathon Nightowl Atomic Travelling Alarm Clock: This travel alarm clock ensures accurate timekeeping with atomic technology. It also features an automatic night light function, providing convenient visibility in dark environments. The price of this clock is $29.99.
  • RadioShack ⅛” Panel-Mount Stereo Phone Jack: This panel-mount phone jack is designed for stereo audio connections. It allows for easy integration of external devices and is priced at $3.99.
  • RadioShack AM/FM Analog Weather Tabletop Radio: This tabletop radio offers analog tuning capabilities and provides weather alerts for your convenience. It is priced at $65.99.
  • RadioShack High-Gain Antenna-Mounted Signal Amplifier for HDTV Antennas: Designed specifically for HDTV antennas, this signal amplifier can be easily mounted on the antenna or wall. It enhances signal strength for improved reception and is priced at $76.99.

It's essential to exercise caution and double-check the accuracy of the information provided by GPT Scraper when identifying product details. While the results in this example were reasonably accurate with a simple prompt, it's always recommended to verify the information to ensure its correctness. This approach can also be applied to lead generation or any scenario requiring a flexible method for identifying information at scale.

Use Case 3: recognize popularity depending on reviews

Scheduled scraping with study of live website data indicates huge potential of tracking trends and sentiments at scale as well as get useful predictive recommendations or summaries tailored for any business.

Prompt: Read book reviews and tell us the trendiest.

Target URL:

As an AI language model, we are unable to assess subjective preferences expressed in book reviews. However, based on an objective analysis of available data, the following books have emerged as highly popular in the Thriller genre:

"What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez"

"What Have We Done"

"All That Is Mine I Carry with Me"

"The Kind Worth Saving"


"Birnam Wood"

"The Golden Spoon"

"Her Deadly Game"

"Those Empty Eyes"


"How I'll Kill You"

"The Curator"

"Missing Clarissa"

"Stars and Smoke"

These books are currently generating significant buzz and attention in the Thriller genre on platforms such as Goodreads. Readers interested in this genre can explore these popular titles to determine if they align with their preferences.

Caveat: It's worth noting that sometimes GPT may downplay its capabilities when responding to prompts. However, in this case, it successfully identified the top bestsellers in the thriller category without requiring extensive guidance. This showcases the potential of leveraging AI in various use cases.

The examples provided above demonstrate the simplicity of the prompts used. However, it's essential to recognize that AI can yield even more remarkable outcomes when provided with detailed instructions or when one employs the right approach. This principle holds true whether you are working with GPT, an image-generating AI like Midjourney, or any other AI-powered tool. So, feel free to be exceedingly verbose and precise in your instructions. The AI is adept at handling such inputs and will readily accommodate your requests.

The possibilities for leveraging AI in different scenarios are vast, and as you continue to explore, you'll undoubtedly uncover numerous potential use cases. Don't hesitate to delve deeper into the capabilities of AI and uncover its full potential in your endeavors.

ChatGPT thinks about use cases of GPT Scraper

ChatGPT has become an integral part of my workflow, as we routinely rely on its insights and recommendations to enhance my work. Whether we need suggestions for improvements or additions, ChatGPT has proven to be a valuable resource. It has a knack for catching details we might have overlooked in our moments of caffeine-induced haze and provides helpful suggestions that contribute to the overall quality of our work. In fact, ChatGPT was the first entity to read this very post.

However, it's crucial to bear in mind that generative AIs are inherently unpredictable and sometimes unreliable. While ChatGPT occasionally offers valuable ideas, it's important to exercise caution and not place complete trust in its suggestions. Remember the principle of "caveat artifex" – the creator beware!

ChatGPT continues to surprise us with its occasional brilliance, but it's essential to maintain a discerning eye and exercise human judgment when evaluating its output. Together, we can harness the power of AI while recognizing its limitations.


Prompt: Provide more use cases about any industry

E-commerce: Leverage GPT Scraper to extract and analyze customer feedback and ratings from competitor websites, gaining valuable insights into consumer preferences and identifying areas for product and service improvement.

Education: Extract data from educational resources such as textbooks and academic journals using GPT Scraper, enabling educators to identify common errors, assess curriculum effectiveness, and provide targeted feedback to enhance the learning experience for students.

Finance: Harness the power of GPT Scraper to scrape financial data from different stock market sites, allowing for in-depth analysis, trend prediction, and risk assessment, aiding investors in making informed decisions and identifying profitable opportunities.

Healthcare: Employ GPT Scraper to extract and analyze data from medical research papers, clinical trials, and patient records, uncovering valuable insights, correlations, and treatment outcomes that can enhance patient care and inform medical research.

Legal: Utilize GPT Scraper for scraping and analyzing data from legal databases, enabling legal professionals to predict court rulings, assess legal risks, and gather valuable insights for case strategy development and decision-making.

Manufacturing: Leverage GPT Scraper for scraping data from manufacturing sites, facilitating real-time monitoring of supply chain disturbances, optimization of production processes, and identification of cost-saving opportunities, ultimately improving operational efficiency.

Media & Entertainment: Study user behavior & sentiments by scraping data from media & entertainment sites using GPT Scraper, enabling custom-made content recommendations, targeted advertising, and enhanced user experiences.

Real Estate: Utilize GPT Scraper to extract data from real estate listings, enabling the comparison of property prices, analysis of market trends, and prediction of future growth patterns to inform investment decisions and market strategies.

Social Media: Extract and analyze data from various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook using GPT Scraper, enabling businesses to gain a deeper understanding of consumer sentiment, trends, and preferences, facilitating targeted marketing campaigns and personalized recommendations.

Travel and Hospitality: Utilize GPT Scraper to extract reviews, ratings, and feedback from travel websites, empowering businesses in the travel and hospitality industry to identify areas for improvement, predict emerging trends, and provide tailored recommendations to enhance customer experiences.

How to Utilize GPT Scraper?

To use GPT Scraper, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access GPT Scraper

Visit the Actowiz Solutions Store and click on "Try actor" to access GPT Scraper. Ensure that you have a free Actowiz Solutions account before proceeding.


Step 2: Select the URL

Choose the specific website or webpage you want to scrape using GPT Scraper. You can start by entering a single start URL or include glob patterns for more precise control over the links to be included.

For example, if you want to extract information about current available game bundles from the Humble Bundle website, specify the relevant URL. Feel free to come up with your own use cases based on your requirements.


Step 3: Define the instructions

In the Instructions field, provide clear instructions to GPT Scraper. For instance, you can use the following prompt: "Extract the names and details of all currently available bundles."


Step 4: Initiate the scraping process

Click on the "Start" button and allow GPT Scraper to scrape the specified webpage. It will then send the scraped data, in Markdown format, to GPT via the OpenAI API. GPT will process the data based on your instructions. Wait for a short period while GPT Scraper completes its run.


Step 5: Download the extracted data

Once GPT Scraper has finished processing, it will indicate that it has succeeded. You can hover over the "Answer" section to preview the extracted data or click on "Export" to download it in various formats such as Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, Table, RSS, HTML or JSONL, depending on your intended use. Before downloading, you can also preview the result in each format to ensure its accuracy.

It's recommended to review the results and refine your instructions if necessary, as generative AIs may require fine-tuning. GPT Scraper provides a convenient preview of the extracted data, allowing you to verify its quality before downloading.

That's it! You can now leverage GPT Scraper to extract data from websites and automate the process of gathering information.


You can get data in different formats as per your requirements.


Below is the answer provided by GPT. While we cannot explain why it chose to highlight specific games, it appears to have accurately captured the fundamental information:


The introduction of new OpenAI plugins has expanded ChatGPT's capabilities, granting it more freedom in generating content. However, we're currently satisfied with the ability to input any web page into ChatGPT and see what it creates. Despite its occasional unpredictability and quirkiness, these early generative AIs possess a certain charm. So let's embrace the unique experience and enjoy the journey!

Now, let's dive in and see what creative response ChatGPT conjures up with this prompt. Arrr!


Before we set sail, here's one final tip: make use of CSS selectors to refine the content extracted from web pages. For instance, if you're scraping the Actowiz Solutions blog, you can specify CSS selectors to target specific elements such as articles while ignoring navigation menus and sidebar content. This way, you can narrow down the scraped data to exactly what you need, ensuring a more focused and relevant result.

After that, add div to Content’s selector field:


For more information, you can contact Actowiz Solutions anytime! Call us for all your web scraping service, mobile app scraping, or instant data scraper service requirements.


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