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Data has become an important aspect of today’s e-commerce sector. Businesses could utilize that to grow as well as get a competitive edge in the market. For example, data could be used for adjusting strategies, predict the future demands as well as get insights of the finest industry practices.

Luckily, the e-commerce domain is packed with ample potential data, which can be utilized to get competitive benefits. However, the data isn’t accessible at one place. This isn’t collected but distributed across different web pages. And that’s the reason why business owners generally have no ideas about how to utilize the e-commerce data for energizing their business.

However, luckily, there is an active way of using this data for advancing your business. E-commerce data scraping is a method, which can fulfill your business requirements for getting competitors’ data from the market.

In this blog, we will throw light on different ways you could utilize e-commerce data for fueling your business. However, before diving deeper, it’s time to understand:

What is Data Scraping?


If described easily, data scraping is a software method of scraping definite unstructured data from different websites. Then, all these accumulated data is converted in well-structured data as well as stored for more processing. These are the points you need to know about the pricing:

MAP Compliance


MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) is the agreement established by brands, retailers, as well as distributors for avoiding price war or unhealthy competition. As per agreement, all the parties agree about not advertising or selling services or products beyond the set prices.

By utilizing e-commerce web scraping , brands can get real-time pricing of their retailers and distributors across different e-commerce platforms. Using this freshly acquired new pricing data, brands need to know if anybody is violating the MAP. So, web scraping works as the finest practice for monitoring MAP as well as protecting the brand character.

Market Competitiveness

Every time, the prices influence a customer’s decision. Depending on prices, customers choose if they need to buy certain products or other.

Therefore, to maintain pricing competitiveness in today’s competing market, the brands need to invest in price monitoring. In case, similar products on two diverse websites is sold at different prices, the brands require to be alert as well as consider this matter.

Tracking Discounts

Holiday marketing is amongst the most efficient ways to increase ROI in the e-commerce territory. Marketers generally brainstorm different strategies for deploying fascinating marketing strategies to harvest the main e-commerce buyers.

With the use of e-commerce data scraping, you can keep track of your competitor’s pricing. You can get insights about how much concession is provided by the participants during a holiday marketing season.

The Stock Data Story

Stock Popularity and Level

At times, even the stock data may suggest you how to sell your products. You could easily track sales numbers through assessing stock numbers and getting insights about how widespread the product is in today’s market.

By scraping the stock data regularly, you can get fresh data at different intervals. The fluctuations in stock changes could easily get tracked by likening data sets.

Local Availability

When comes to local retailers, depending on web scraping for scraping e-commerce data as per the geographic locations may prove a bit tricky to understand the product accessibility for the locality.

Many retailers and physical brands have started providing direct-to-customer online platforms. In case, you can observe stock data for any definite location, you can extract it from different web pages.

So, the best option is to provide consumers something, which isn’t accessible at the competitors. That’s how, you give your customers a reason to purchase more from you.

How Can Web Scraping Assist in Rank Your Products?


Monitor Keyword Ranking Pages

The most vital question you need to ask being an owner of an e-commerce platform is, “how can I make my brand visible to my customers?”

For example, well-established e-commerce websites like Amazon has over 2 million sellers. Your aim should be making your products stand out in this listing.

Working with professionals or using an e-commerce product data scraper  to extract relevant data. You may use the acquired data to observe who the leader is and what your position is.

The best option is to keep the list up as well as get alerts in case of any drop. Also, keep all marketers in a loop to get optimization solutions.

Monitor Category Pages Ranking

Some customers might just surf carelessly on e-commerce pages, whereas others might have the list about what they want to buy.

You can utilize the category pages ranking to offer products to any casual shopper’s groups. Also, remember that all these rankings are consistent jobs for a lot of e-commerce marketers. Therefore, the best option is to observe your competitors as they are monitoring you.

How Can Web Scraping Give You a Competitive Edge?


Research Customer References and Feeds

Every business needs to know the likings and desires of targeted audiences so they could satisfy them consequently. However, identifying customer’s desires and liking cannot occur without utilizing proper techniques and tools.

Data scraping may prove to be a key factor here. This can assist you in doing predictive analysis as well as sentiment analysis to know what customers talk about. For example, customers utilize social media for sharing hundreds of opinions and experiences.

Through analyzing the posts, you could evaluate the attitude towards any particular brand or product depending on the assessment of context as well as tone. This will assist you in getting better insights to their experiences and engagement determined.

SEO Analysis

The web has vital data which if utilized properly, can affect the SERPs efficiently. The scraped data from e-commerce websites will assist you collect important data however, will assist you know about where to utilize the same with better returns.

For example, using web scraping, you could access the competitor’s content to do SEO analysis. It means in case, the competitor gets rank for any particular keyword, he is using some sophisticated methods, you can determine what they will do to become better in the industry.

The e-commerce data analytics would help you understand which keywords to dodge completely for minimizing the competition as well as which keywords to use for maximizing the competition levels. Furthermore, you can get data on Meta descriptions, keywords density, and other content-associated indicators.

Lead Generation

Doesn’t matter what your marketing strategy is, your anticipation from that by end of the day is getting new leads and web scraping may prove helpful in this aspect also.

Data scraping could be used for scraping best competitor’s forums, different social media sites as well as other online spaces they utilize the most for connecting with the consumers. Check what issues and challenges a competitor’s face as well as what they generally talk about generally.

After that, go ahead as well as address the concerns about your products. That’s how, you are organizing what customers need.

Moreover extracting the competitor’s site, ensure to target common news portals to review who are appealing with the content. That’s how, you can extract interesting data as well as utilize that for improving your content personalities as well as consumer personas for making smarter decisions.


It is obvious that  e-commerce web scraping may prove to be an effective method for business advantages. Explore the values of data-as-a-service capabilities at Actowiz. Our web scraping and price intelligence solutions allows your organization to invite different layers of advantages. You can utilize it to get helpful insights to customer preference, market research needs as well as other vital factors. Moreover, it provides a superior overview of the competition together with data on practices, which drive superior results.

Therefore, doesn’t matter if you are an experienced player or a start-up, ensure that you provide an e-commerce product scraper from Actowiz a try. Our dependable industry professionals will assist you in leveraging it for maximum benefits.


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