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This blog will explain how to scrape Instagram reels view count data using web scraping services.

Reels URL is something When you call the URL using a logged-in account, open the network tab, and you will see the data of the reels is getting fetched using We have attached the image for your reference.

Now, we want this URL to fetch the view count for all Instagram reels. You could do this using JavaScript in the browser console or a few Python libraries emulating the browser. We did that using JavaScript in the browser console.


Now, we call the function using setTimeout, having an interval of about 10 seconds. That is because if we make too many requests in a shorter time, Instagram will suspend the account as they simulate some bots trying to extract data.

The output of the given program might be:


Now, you have info_url for all reel URLs.

We’ll call that info URL to scrape data for the Instagram reels.

Part 2:

Copy the request header data from the logged-in account and put that data in the header of a request.

You don’t need to copy everything.

We just want that much only:


In case, you have a setup ready, you can utilize any client and request about the data. We are using Python’s requests module for getting data.


Hurrah! It is done! You have got the Instagram view count scraped.



Get a reel URL, and scrape the info URL from the inspect tab or some script.


Use headers data to log into your account

Just call an info API and scrape the view count

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