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GPT-4V-for-Web-Scraping – What-are-the-Image-Web-Scraping-Capabilities-of-GPT-4V-01


Did you know that ChatGPT now responds to image prompts? Introducing GPT-4 with Vision (GPT-4V), a multimodal version equipped with image and voice capabilities. GPT-4V(vision) excels at extracting text from images, making it invaluable for scraping data from websites presenting information in image format rather than HTML. While not traditional web scraping, this feature facilitates data extraction nonetheless.

Check out our blog for more insights into web scraping using ChatGPT. Now, let's delve into GPT-4V's image web scraping capabilities through this article, featuring practical examples. From extracting Amazon product data and pricing to web scraping Google Reviews, GPT-4V streamlines the process, offering a versatile solution for various web scraping needs.

Using GPT-4V for Amazon Product Listings Web Scraping

Using GPT-4V-for-Amazon-Product-Listing- Web-Scraping-01

First, let's explore the functionality of web scraping using GPT-4V. We'll begin by extracting product details from an e-commerce platform like Amazon. To demonstrate this process, let's screenshot an Amazon product page and proceed with data extraction using GPT-4V.

To initiate, please upload the screenshot of the Amazon product page. Following that, provide a prompt to gather all product data and organize it into a structured table format.

To initiate-please-upload-the-screenshot-01

Employing GPT-4 with Vision for web scraping yields the output in a structured tabular format as prompted.


Alternative Solution: Amazon Product Details and Pricing Scraper

Actowiz Solutions stands out with its unique features, offering a convenient and efficient alternative for web scraping. It simplifies the process, eliminating the need for manual intervention or coding expertise. By leveraging Actowiz Solutions' platform, users can effortlessly collect desired data by providing webpage URLs, a feature that sets it apart from other platforms that require the laborious task of capturing and uploading multiple screenshots.

Actowiz Solutions is not just efficient but also cost-effective. The platform provides prebuilt scrapers that are customizable to suit users' specific data requirements, allowing for seamless data extraction without the need for dedicated teams or hosting infrastructure. This is a significant advantage over GPT-4V, which requires a paid subscription.

Actowiz Solutions streamlines the web scraping process, enabling users to gather data from websites such as Amazon quickly. Their Amazon Product Pricing Scraper efficiently retrieves essential product information, pricing details, FBA status, and best seller rank from Amazon within seconds. This tool is a robust replacement for GPT-4 with Vision for web scraping Amazon product data, offering enhanced efficiency and accuracy in data collection.

With Actowiz Solutions, users can achieve their web scraping objectives without the need for technical expertise or extensive resources. The platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it accessible to all skill levels. By simplifying the web scraping process, Actowiz Solutions empowers businesses to gather valuable insights and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.

Use GPT-4V for Scraping Google Reviews


Now, let's proceed with scraping Google Reviews. We'll display the reviews directly in the chat box without saving them to any files.

Please navigate to any Google Review page of your preference and capture a screenshot.

After uploading the screenshot of the Google Review page, provide a prompt to extract the data directly from the image.


The reviews have been successfully extracted from the screenshot.


Actowiz Solutions offers a compelling alternative to GPT-4 with a Vision for efficient web scraping without the hassle of taking multiple screenshots. With Actowiz Solutions, users can quickly gather comprehensive data by providing webpage URLs, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Actowiz Solutions' highly configurable prebuilt scrapers allow users to customize data extraction to their specific requirements. This eliminates the need for specialized teams or hosting infrastructure, streamlining the process and saving valuable time and resources. Users can leverage Actowiz Solutions' platform without any coding knowledge, making web scraping accessible to all.

Try Actowiz Solutions' Google Reviews Scraper for a superior solution for collecting Google reviews for businesses and locations. This scraper retrieves essential information such as business name, address, reviews, ratings, and images, providing a comprehensive overview of online reputations. With Actowiz Solutions, web scraping becomes simple and efficient, empowering businesses to gather valuable insights effortlessly. You can be confident in the accuracy and depth of the data you collect.

Using GPT-4V for Scraping Glassdoor Job Listings


Next, let's use GPT-4V for web scraping Glassdoor listings. This time, we'll extract the details directly into an Excel sheet. To begin, please capture a screenshot of the Glassdoor listing page you wish to scrape.

After uploading the screenshot of the Glassdoor listing page, provide a prompt to extract job details and save them into an Excel sheet.


Download the Excel file containing the stored results.


Alternative Solution: Glassdoor Job Listings Scraping

Capturing web pages and uploading screenshots to GPT-4V demands significant human effort and time. Moreover, relying on image-based data scraping may not be practical, especially for large-scale operations. As an alternative to GPT-4V, Actowiz Solutions offers a more efficient solution for web scraping.

By utilizing Actowiz Solutions' pre-built scrapers, users can avoid the cost associated with GPT-4V. Upon signing up, users receive 25 free credits, enabling them to customize their scraping needs and retrieve desired data without needing specialized teams or hosting infrastructure. Furthermore, Actowiz Solutions eliminates the requirement for coding knowledge, making web scraping accessible to all users.

For scraping job listings from Glassdoor, Actowiz Solutions' Glassdoor Job Listings Scraper provides comprehensive information such as job title, salary, description, location, company name, number of reviews, and ratings across multiple Glassdoor domains. This scraper offers a robust alternative to GPT-4V, ensuring efficient and accurate extraction of job listing data from Glassdoor.

By leveraging Actowiz Solutions' web scraping services, users can streamline the data extraction process, saving time and resources while obtaining valuable insights from online platforms like Glassdoor. With Actowiz Solutions, web scraping becomes accessible, efficient, and cost-effective, empowering businesses to gather actionable data for informed decision-making.

Drawbacks of Utilizing GPT-4V for Web Scraping

While GPT-4V offers an innovative approach to web scraping, it has limitations, particularly in context and scalability.

Restricted Context

GPT-4V operates within a constrained context, primarily reliant on image-based data extraction. Unlike traditional web scraping methods that parse data directly from HTML, GPT-4V can only scrape information visible within the image. It struggles with missing text, mathematical symbols, and characters and needs to recognize spatial locations and colors. Processing total web pages often requires splitting them into smaller images, presenting challenges for comprehensive data extraction.

Restricted Scalability

While GPT-4V may suffice for beginners or non-coders handling small-scale web scraping tasks, it's important to note its limitations in large-scale or enterprise-grade projects. When dealing with millions of web pages, GPT-4V's scalability and efficiency may need to meet the demands for optimal performance. This is where Actowiz Solutions' data extraction services excel, providing the robust capabilities needed for such projects. To address these limitations and explore alternative data extraction solutions, consider Actowiz Solutions' comprehensive data extraction services. Our offerings extend beyond web scraping, encompassing various data extraction requirements across diverse domains. Whether you're extracting product data from Amazon, web scraping Google Reviews, or scraping Glassdoor job listings, Actowiz Solutions provides tailored solutions to meet your data extraction needs.

Explore Actowiz Solutions' data extraction services guide and checklist to discover how our expertise and advanced techniques can streamline your data extraction processes, enabling you to extract valuable insights efficiently and effectively.


While GPT-4 with Vision offers multimodal capabilities for web scraping, relying solely on image-based extraction presents challenges for larger tasks due to the impracticality of capturing numerous screenshots. Actowiz Solutions offers a cost-effective alternative, fully managed enterprise-grade web scraping services tailored to your needs.

With Actowiz Solutions, you can streamline your data extraction processes without the limitations of GPT-4V, ensuring efficient and comprehensive web data scraping. Explore our custom solutions for web scraping and unlock a more efficient approach to gathering valuable insights from online sources! For more information, contact us now! You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping, data collection, web scraping service, and instant data scraper requirements.


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