Actowiz Solutions LLP ‘The Fastest Growing’ Big Data Analytics Company
Actowiz Solutions LLP ‘The Fastest Growing’ Big Data Analytics Company

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    Offer a listing of Hashtags, Profiles, or place URLs to scrape Instagram posts.

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    Download all data in JSON, Excel, or CSV formats. Use Dropbox for storing your data.

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    Schedule crawlers hourly, daily, and weekly to find the newest posts on Dropbox.

Sample Data

Among the Most Advanced Instagram Scrapers On Offer

  • Scrape posts data from hashtags, locations, and public profiles
  • Best Instagram data scraper for big-size crawling
  • Extract posts without rate limits
  • The best option for Instagram API
  • Get unlimited posts
  • Periodically collect data

Scrape All Post Data from Particular Instagram Accounts

Download open posts from all Instagram accounts.

It would be best if you pasted links to the profile you want to scrape posts, and our Instagram scraper will provide you complete post list in the spreadsheet.


  • Workingamerica
  • Fox News

Extract All Posts data from Any Hashtags

Using our web scraper, you can extract all the latest posts from all Instagram hashtags.

Just give us hashtag links on Instagram, and our scraper will provide you with a complete listing of posts in the spreadsheet.


  • #Song
  • #Food

Find Posts Data from Geo Locations

Download the latest posts from all geographic locations on Instagram.

Just offer location links to Instagram, and our data scraper will provide you with a complete listing of posts in the spreadsheet.


  • Florida
  • USA

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Get data like the pros without knowing programming at all.

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The crawlers are easy to use, but we are here to help when you need help.

Extract data periodically

Schedule the crawlers to run hourly, daily, or weekly and get data delivered to your Dropbox.

Zero Maintenance

We will take care of all website structure changes and blocking from websites.


Let's take a quick look at a few Frequently Asked Questions of scraping Instagram data

Yes. Instagram data is publicly accessible therefore scraping Instagram data at slower and respectful rates fall under definition of ethical scraping. Although while working with individual data we have to be aware about local copyrights and user data laws.
To find the user’s ID from a public username, we can extract user profiles using scrape_user utility and a private id would be positioned in an id field:

with httpx.Client(timeout=httpx.Timeout(20.0)) as session: user_id = scrape_user('google')['id'] print(user_id)

To find apublic username from Instagram private user ID, we need to take benefit of a public iPhone API

import httpx iphone_api = "{}/info/" iphone_user_agent = "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 10_3_3 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/603.3.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/14G60 Instagram (iPhone9,4; iOS 10_3_3; en_US; en-US; scale=2.61; gamut=wide; 1080x1920" resp = httpx.get(iphone_api.format("1067259270"), headers={"User-Agent": iphone_user_agent}) print(resp.json()['user']['username'])