Instagram location search is a lightweight Python script with several data. This enables the analysts to search for Instagram locations depending on the provided coordinates. However, this tool doesn’t require users’ Instagram credentials but employs session-id-token. Employing this tool is very easy, requiring the command python3 Instagram-—session “<session-id-token>.”

The output which users obtain is available in four different options:

  • JSON: It requires the –json command. This will then provide a list of a JSON file which is also similar to the unstructured API response.
  • GEOJSON: It requires the –geojson command. It will provide the list of locations as per the GEOJSON file.
  • We can scrape location ids and save them within a .txt file by introducing the command –id. This passes through another Instagram media scraper.
  • Using the command –map, map-based locations are achieved.

Scraping and visualizing several hundreds of locations is done using the Actowiz scraping tool for Instagram locations. Not only locations but entire Instagram data gets scraped without any authentication needs easily.

Scraping data without authentications and tokens


The aim is to get JSON data directly from websites instead of HTML pages. First, you need to filter all posts from a particular area. For example, search by the most suitable tag like #moscow, #russiaa, or anything you want. Now, open a page for tag #russia:

At the end of the URL, now add “?__a=1”. This will come out like this:

From 73 posts, we have obtained JSON data with tag #russia from approx. 50M. So, the question is, how are they received?


Let’s understand the steps

Step 1:

First, scrape all posts having a specific tag


Then, scrape all the data. To achieve this, we require the id of the following page, which is equal to the end_cursor parameter:

graphql > hashtag > edge_hashtag_to_media > page_info > end_cursor

We then add the request as max_id:

You can get the python script like this:

The script above is for the first five pages and is saved to JSON in the recent directory. Tag and page count can be changed per requirement using tag and page_count.

Step 2: Scraping Instagram Locations

Step-2-Scraping-Instagram-Locations Scraping-Instagram-Locations

Here scraping is done using shortcode, a combination of letters and numbers. The URL structure is:

Location scraping uses the same method:


By using the first 206 posts, we get some locations with the tag #russia

In the above script, you may find some locations irrelevant. But you can fix it using geo position and post language.


Thus, several reasons why Instagram location search is essential. Undoubtedly, it is easy to install and deploy and delivers effective results. The best part is that it easily integrates with other scrapers.

For more information, contact Actowiz Solutions now! You can also reach us for all your mobile app scraping and web scraping services requirements.

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