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Customers like discounts and promotions as the most efficient tool to increase sales in the holiday seasons and other clearance sales. According to a study, 76% of UK customers search for discounts before buying products. Promotional discounts inspire customers to use new brands. And that is why brands usually have special coupons for first- time users.

As per Software Advice, discounts lead the price strategy for retailers in different industries. 97% of the survey respondents prefer this over other publicity strategies.

UK Retail Trends in 2022

The onset of the Omicron variant during December 2021 lowered the mood of UK customers and resulted in a 3.7% monthly decrease in retail sales; however, sales were higher compared to February 2020, when the Coronavirus initially hit globally. Sales during the holiday season in 2021 had a hit because of a steady decline in product availability with the price increase. Inflation also started rising in 2021 and may increase by 7% during spring 2022. Though, despite inflation, retail sales have jumped during January 2022. Inflation would be a vital factor in sales growth, having underlying demands across different categories being irregular. Keeping it in mind, let’s go through the sales growth in categories during 2021 with expected growth during 2022.


Discounted Trends in the UK during 2021

We have tracked prices on the three most extensive Sales Days in the UK - Amazon Prime Day on June 21st and 22nd, 2021, Black Friday on Nov 26th, 2021, and Cyber Monday on Nov 29th, 2021.

The categories followed include Beauty, Electronics, Furniture, Fashion, and Home Improvement.

We have tracked websites like Amazon UK, eBay UK, OnBuy, Etsy, John Lewis, Wayfair, and Selfridges.

As per new research, 54% of cases it relies on the categories of products you’re after, which determines the discount volume you get. For instance, tech products like smartphones, game consoles, laptops, wireless speakers, and smartwatches were cheaper during Black Friday sales but might discount on other sale days.

We want to see which sales period had the top products on discounts during three big-sale events. We must also observe which of the three sales might be the finest for customers to have a higher value.

How Great were Discounts on Offer?


Customers who want the finest deals might have gotten them during the holiday seasons with a mixture of Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales. 32% of the products went on discounts during Black Friday, 35% on Cyber Mondays, and merely 6.6% on Prime Days. One factor adding to a lower Prime Day proportion is that not all retailers participate in the discount wars during Prime Day as it’s a limited Amazon-only sale.

More products are available at discounts on Cyber Monday and Black Friday, and the total percentage of discounts on these products was higher.

Which Categories Come with Maximum Discounts?

On Black Fridays, a projected 47% of UK consumers planned to buy electronics, while 40% planned to purchase footwear and clothing during Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales. The top-selling categories in 48 hours of the Amazon UK Black Friday sale 2021 included Home, Beauty, Books, Toys, and Personal & Healthcare.


Which Retailers in the UK offered maximum discounts?

OnBuy is a developing marketplace in the UK that provides impressive discounts to take on the top UK market players like Amazon. It’s known as Britain’s quickest-growing eCommerce platform during 2020 and the quickest grower in traffic. The lower listing fees, beginning at 5%, help sellers to aggressively price products, making them accessible to more buyers with enormous discounts. The most apparent discounts and deals are highlighted on a landing page and included across OnBuy’s social media pages to attract the audience’s attention.


Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday – which was better for the holiday shoppers?


Black Friday outsets the holiday shopping seasons and is identical to the most critical sales after Thanksgiving. However, lately, Cyber Monday has turned into a beautiful way for e-commerce retailers to capitalize on discounts and increase their most valuable sales events.

During 2021, retailers earned $8.9 billion during Black Friday sales and $10.7 billion during Cyber Monday sales. In YOY reviews, Black Friday had a decrease of 1.3% from 2020’s records of $9.03 billion. The Cyber Monday sales declined by 1.4%, merely $100 million less than $10.8 billion during 2020.

Across Home Improvement, Beauty, and Furniture & Electronics categories, we saw more products got on discounts on Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday. Although, the opposite was correct for Fashion Category. In a Fashion Category, we have seen a slightly higher number of products with Discounts during Black Fridays than Cyber Mondays.



The COVID-19 effects are seen far in the UK’s retail industry, particularly with a vertical rise in inflation. Fortunately, although UK retail sales had declined during the 2021 holidays season because of the Omicron variant, they have increased during Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales. Moreover, brands can endure the effects of troublesome factors in 2022 by ensuring the Digital Shelf gets updated and supple enough to respond quickly to opportunities and threats to maximize success.

Contact the team of Actowiz Solutions if you’d love to make clever prices and discount decisions with updated competitive insights. You can also contact us for your mobile app scraping and web scraping services requirements.